Saturday, September 3, 2011

On the home front

Today, there were no cases at the vet's and I had the whole day at home.

 It's been a sweltering hot day. Looks like nobody wants the favourite chair tonight.

 Watching Desperate Housewives is a treat for me. Note: Cleo is on top.

This morning, apparently, Cleo scolded everyone in the bedroom. You see, it's her duty to wake us up every morning and don't anybody try to upstage her in doing her job. This morning, Cow, Bunny and Indy got ticked off by her (and the three crouched in fear). She is friends with Tiger. Actually, it's more of Tiger KNOWING how to be friends with everyone. Tiger is Gandhi-personified, so diplomacy is his forte. He fights with no one. He is friends with all.  

We think Cleo is so precocious because she knows she's a Bumiputera in the house. She was born in the house (Ming-Yi's wardrobe, to be precise). The rest are pendatangs (they were rescued and brought back). So, I wonder, when we eventually move to our new place, will Cleo still claim Bumiputera status? Or, whoever lands first there will be the Bumiputera? We'll bring Tiger over first?    

 Indy and Tiger (both very harmless).

 Tiger is a total basket-case (literally, pun intended for fun only).

 Pole's been coming back a lot now, which is good.

After one hour.....the characters remain but the positions have changed.

 Bunny decides he might as well take the chair since it's a rare chance that Bobby has not monopolised the chair.

 Mother and daughter.

 Has Cow even moved?
Seems not.

 The basket-case is still in the basket, and more snugly, too.

Me wants supper.

Indy is really obedient. It seems like he wants to get well, so he would ask for his Nutricote and his Noni enzyme every day. I hope it's helping. His blood test would not be until 5 months' time, but lately, he hasn't been drinking so much water. He's on Royal Canin Renal as well and he loves it. He has put on weight, too. 

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