Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Indy's urine test

While I was at the vet's to settle our bills, I spoke to the vet about Indy's case and was advised to do a repeat blood test.

If you remember, more than a month ago (10th August), Indy's blood test showed a slight elevation in the immuno-globulins but his kidney results were normal. His urine showed the presence of some protein when tested at the clinic, but was nil when tested at the lab. The reason I was worried about Indy, which prompted me to take him for a check-up, was his excessive drinking of water (from the tap). Also, lately, we've had a few cases of kidney insufficiency and even kidney failure. One of the first signs of that would be excessive drinking of water. 

This is how Indy used to drink. He would spend a long time (as long as 3-5 minutes) licking from the tap. He refuses to drink from a bowl. 

So more than a month ago, I thought I should get his kidney's checked. The results were inconclusive, but to play it safe, I put him on Royal Canin Renal (which he absolutely LOVES).

I also felt it's time to do a repeat urine test, after having been on Renal food, Omega-3 & 6 and also Noni Enzyme.

So I went home and brought Indy to the vet's.

It was total distress in the car. Indy hates car-rides.

Upon reaching the vet's, the vet had JUST left for a housecall. So we had to wait...

 That's Little Missy and one of her kittens. CP had brought the kitten to be dewormed under our sponsorship.

 Indy was so, so, so afraid in the strange environment.  
Poor Indy.

 Ray Ray came to make friends.

Hi there, don't be scared...

 You'll be okay, don't worry....

 Er...what are you doing, Ray Ray?

 Indy was so scared he did not dare to even move a muscle. And I was sitting right next to him all the time, calming him down.

Mary came over to discharge Puteri. 

Puteri is like a beauty queen, with SO many adopters asking for her.
The calls are still coming in.

Ray came to say hello to Indy too.

So, the vet managed to extract some urine sample from Indy and it was a nice healthy yellow (good concentration) colour.  Phew...that's a relief.

The vet tested the urine's specific gravity (SG) and it was good. Phew...another relief!

Then, the acid test....the dip stick....

There was a little bit (+1) protein in it, but there were also leucocytes, which indicates the possibility of an infection. The fact that the uring SG is normal is already a very good sign. 

So, Indy was given Clavomox, an antibotic, for a 2-week course and we will repeat the urine test in one month.

After that, we headed home and Indy was quite this time....that helped....me!

When we turned into our porch, Indy's friends were all waiting for him....

It's a very touching sight....

 Cleo was on the sentry post.
She's the front liner.

 Bunny was in the porch.

Cow was on the deck.

All waiting for Indy to come home.

The welcoming entourage followed Indy into the house.

I brought Indy straight into the kitchen so that I could feed him his medicine and reward him with Fussie Cat for having been so good and patient. Of course, everyone else got some Fussie Cat as well.

 The reward.

I've always been worried that Indy has a tendency to run away because he's so mild-mannered and a bit scaredy. Currently, he is being bullied by Pole. And he is terrified of Pole.

Bobby was part of the welcoming committee as well, but poor Bobby could not see (he is blind) that Indy had already come out of the carrier, so he went inside to check for Indy!

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