Saturday, September 17, 2011

Don't mess with the guardcat!

The other day Azie came to my house to collect the gloves while I wasn't in. I had told her she could come right in as I'd left the gloves on the porch.

Azie said my cats ran off when they saw Azie (a stranger) coming through the gate. 

All ran off....except one.

Which one?

This one!!

Why, it's Tiger! Good ol' mild-mannered Tiger, Gandhi-reimcarnate in cat form. The one who has never fought with any other cat (or anyone, for that matter, except to claim back for his baby basket from the Sunnies). 

This is where he sleeps now, ever since the Blueys took over my room.  He used to be Bobby's (or mine?) bodyguard. Well, Bobby follows me, and Tiger follows Bobby, so he's technically Bobby's bodyguard?  

Apparently, Azie said, Tiger stood up, fluffed himself up and let out a soft growl when Azie approached the gloves.  

Tiger, the Guardcat?

At other times, Tiger is a total pussycat....unless it concerns his baby basket. 

Don't mess with his baby basket.....

 No matter where his baby basket is, he claims it.

This photo was taken when I had washed his basket and left it on the kitchen slab to dry. 

Wet or dry, it's still mine.

 Once in a while, we get a non-basket pose!

 Cleo is a bed person.

The ironing board is her domain. Don't anybody touch it. If we want to iron our clothes while she is having an ironing-board siesta....well, go wear something else that doesn't need to be ironed. This is MY ironing board and I'm not moving an inch.

And of course, this is Bunny's territory!
(it's the washing machine)

Let's go look at Tiger's baby album now...

Tiger came about 4 months after Cow, Bunny and Pole. He was rescued in PJ by a Japanese lady who had found him huddled against his dead mother. A rescue group asked me to help foster Tiger for a few weeks while they looked for an adopter. The rescue group never came back to me after that!

Initially, Cow, Bunny and Pole hissed at Tiger and threw a HUGE tantrum at this new little intruder.

So, Bobby protected Tiger.

At other times, Tiger only had Lion (a soft toy) as his friend.

But soon the threesome relented and Cow became Tiger's mentor.

Cow taught Tiger "how to be a cat".
This the way we sharpen our claws, Tiger.

Bunny too.

Cow and Bunny took Tiger under their "wings".

The mentor and the mentee.

So that's a brief flashback of how Tiger joined the household!

And today is Saturday!

Are you wearing your Speak Up tshirt?

Have a great Saturday!


HweiMynn said...

Such a heartwarming post..

chen said...

Don't forget that Gandhi is a freedom fighter!