Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baloo and Bagheera it is then!

The votes are in....we'll keep the name Baloo and Bagheera even though they are girls! But I did like Cherry and Blossom, and Lily and Lola....thank you, maybe next time, I'll use these names.  

And from what we have observed, Baloo is very brave and adventurous. Bagheera is the well-behaved one.

 The morning started off with Bagheera poo-ing....nice poo.

 And Baloo trying to eat Bobby's stir-fried chicken.

 May I have some please, Uncle Bobby?

 A wee bit?

 Uncle Bobby can't seem to hear very well, so Baloo speaks right at his ear.

Uncle Bobby, please may I have some of your food? Please?

 Tsk...doesn't seem to work. Sigh...

And yesterday, during lunch, I found Bagheera INSIDE Bobby's bowl, licking up the remnance of Bobby' wetfood. The whole kitten was inside the yellow bowl.

 This room isn't big enough for me....

Baloo keeps venturing out.

 Out she goes...

 There she is...

 At other times, she goes to Bobby.

Snuggled up nicely for a nap.

Bagheera had gone into this basket, and could not come out. 

Baloo tried to help by mewing loudly to attract my attention.

Big Sis Baloo even tried to help.

Bobby tries to keep up with them, but sometimes....he looks the wrong way!


Connie James said...


Gie said...

Their story always put a smile on my face. and tears too.

chen said...

I love the names Baloo and Bagheera. Glad they remain. In the spirit of kitty contrariness, the next time you name kittens Cherry and Blossom - they may turn out to be boys! Hahaha.

Anyway more name ideas for future reference. Why not names of big trees for feeble tiny kitties? Like Angsana, Jelutong, Raintree, Acacia, etc. Gender neutral names.