Thursday, September 29, 2011

One female cat spayed (Francis Tze's)

Today, Francis brought a female cat to be spayed under our sponsorship. The male (who is the brother) was neutered on Monday. These siblings' mother was also spayed under our sponsorship a few months ago when I first started the One-Street CNRM.

This is but one of the many community cats that Francis feeds on a daily basis at the playground in SS18.

This is exactly what we are striving for - to turn stray animals into community animals, to have one (or a few) people looking after them for the rest of their lives. To have NONE who will complain to the authorities. We'll provide the financial assistance for their spay-neuter and medical treatment.

If only people would stop complaining, we can create a harmonious way of living for us and the animals, living as one big community in our neighbourhood. 

Despite all obstacles and the many challenges, shall we work towards achieving this? 

Viva la CNRM!

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