Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vixey is sick

For those of you who already know Vixey, you would remember she survived a brain trauma when she was about one month old (Read Pawprints on my Heart - The Miracle of Vixey).

But the vet said we can never be sure what other damage that brain trauma could have caused, and it would have to be a wait-and-see-one-day-at-a-time thing. 

I started Vixey on a supplement called Azodyl on Saturday.  Her creatinine and BUN readings showed she has a kidney and urea problem and Azodyl is supposed to be a very good natural supplement for her. 

Vixey reacted very well to Azodyl for the next two days.  She could even pass motion on her own (she also has chronic constipation due to a spinal chord injury - Vixey was rescued with many, many complicated problems).  Whenever Vixey could pass motion on her own, it IS an occasion for celebration.   

On Tuesday, Vixey started losing her appetite.  I thought it was a healing crisis, so I thought I should give it a day or two.  Yesterday, she refused to eat again, and showed absolutely no interest even to sardines or Suki's food (which she loves).  I had to force-feed her.

This morning, I got very worried when she still refused to eat, and worse, she could not even walk in a straight line.

Suki knew something was wrong, and accompanied Vixey everywhere, even licking her all over. 

Suki eating up Vixey's untouched food

Suki watches as Vixey drinks water

Cats have a sixth sense - they know when their friend is not well.

I rushed Vixey to her vet immediately after work at 12noon today.  Her vet knows all her problems because he was the one who attended to her when she had the brain trauma two years ago.  And saved her life.

According to the vet, Vixey has a neurological problem.  Something is definitely affecting her brain and as I had observed, she cannot walk straight.  She is "drunk", to put it in the simplest terms. 

The vet pressed her bladder to express some urine, and even before he could collect any sample, Vixey had emptied her bladder entirely.  The vet quickly syringed up the urine and ran a urine analysis.  Her urine was turbid, and this clearly indicates a bladder infection.   

Her urine test confirmed the bladder infection.  

We need to get a blood test done on her kidney and liver as soon as possible, so I am taking her to another vet who has the machine that can produce immediate results.  The appointment is at 4pm, and that is why I am at home writing this now.  

I was told to give Vixey only water from now until the blood test is done.  

She would have to be on antibiotics for the bladder infection.

Before I left the clinic, the vet told me that we already knew Vixey had a neurological problem when she had the brain trauma.  Perhaps that problem is acting up now.  It was a matter of time.    

Whenver I brought Vixey to the vet (which was quite often), he has always told me, half jokingly, that I had "interfered with nature" when I rescued Vixey from the rubbish heap, and again, when I got her treated for the brain trauma.  We have been twice lucky.  

With Vixey, you will never know what would come up next.  

I will "interfere with nature" again today, and give her the best.

If you have time, could you please send positive healing energy to Vixey?

This is my little Piggy-Vix 

Vixey's health complications
1.  Brain trauma, possible neurological damage
2.  Spinal chord injury, causing urination and defecation problems
3.  Chronic constipation, required regular enemas and laxatives
4.  Growth hormone deficiency
5.  Kidney and liver ailment

Despite all her health problems and despite the fact that Vixey is mentally and physically retarded, she has helped me look after Indy, Kimba, Creamie & Crackers, and even Suki. 

I have been looking after Vixey for two years ever since I first brought her home from the rubbish heap. 

I will look after her and give her the very best. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Kah Yein,
Vixey will be all right again, she has the world most powerful strength to survive with your unconditional loves to her!


YenLing said...

Dear Vixey,

I will keep you in my prayers. You are a tough girl. Be strong and be good. You will be well again.

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Joo Gyee and Yen Ling. We will hope for the best, and do the best for her. Suki misses Vix.