Friday, October 30, 2009

A pre-dawn attempted coup-de-tat

So early?

Yes, the best time to strike is dawn...

As you know, Tiger is still limping due to the Calicivirus infection.  It causes "shifting lameness" where the lameness shifts from one leg to the other.  It started with the left hind, moved to the right hind, and now, it's been on the left fore leg for a few days.  

When Tiger is sick, he sleeps on my bed, so last night, when I went to bed, Tiger was already comfortably tugged in.  And he had occupied my space on the bed (you get centre spot if you are sick - that's the feline house rules, so I've noticed), so I had to sleep very close to the edge all night!   

This morning, I carried Tiger down to the kitchen for breakfast and prepared a nice spot for him in my room to rest for the morning.  I was planning to bring Tiger for another check-up at Healing Rooms so I had to make sure he doesn't go to his second home (my neighbour's). 

I had placed this yellow towel beside Tiger's baby basket, but he did not want it.  Looks like he prefers his security basket still. 

But wait a minute...whose tail is that????

Oh no.....

Yes, it's none other than our...mischievous coup-de-tat-er, Suki!

Looks like she is attempting another take-over!! 

She approaches stealthily, and starts by irritating Tiger.

Tiger hisses and growls (gosh, he has never hissed all his life until lately, and it is only at Suki).

I tried to stop the naughty-one but I wasn't fast enough.  A scuffle ensues, and this time, Tiger decides to pounce on her.

I managed to separate them, but Tiger is angry, and whimpers. 

Tiger wants to leave the room, and I have to pacify him. 

I carry him back to his baby basket and sits with him for five minutes, to calm his nerves. 

The naughty-one is not one who gives up easily.  She makes another attempt - from higher ground...

Tiger is watching...

I stop the naughty-one from her high-ground attempt, and she pretends to be uninterested now.  She goes to the litter-boxes and pretends to play.  Tiger is still watching. 

Bobby, wake up!  Your help may be needed for a successful intervention.

Tiger thinks it's safe, so he goes back to his baby basket.

No, it isn't!  The naughty-one makes a sudden beeline for the basket again.  I am on the alert this time.  I scoop her up, and throw her into the slammer!  It's the jail for you, you naughty-one!

She protests!

And she makes an attempt from inside the jail.  Luckily I had covered her view with a towel (since the last coup-de-tat attempt).

Still, Tiger is irritated and wants to leave the room.  I have to sit with him and pacify him again.

Bunny decides he must intervene now.  What nonsense is this?  We seniors do NOT get bullied by small-fries.

So, Bunny comes and stands guard.  No nonsense from you, you jail-bird.  You keep to your side of the towel and stay there!

And all is quiet on the western front...for now.

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YenLing said...

She is terribly naughty!! Is a miracle that she still has friends around the house. But I must say she is one cheeky fella. What a 'lady'.