Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Naughty Suki!

This morning, when I let Suki out of her cage, she made a bee-line for the window and ran out under the gate. 

Luckily it was 5am and there was no vehicle on the road.

But she also had the good sense to explore just outside the gate and not go onto the road. 

Then, to avoid "capture", she went under my car (which was parked just outside my gate).

Indy followed her closely, and Cow and Bobby came to the rescue too.  Cleo was also seen walking towards the "scene".  Bunny was there as well.  All the senior cats coming to the rescue!

We must have cut a pretty comical sight this morning.  One tiny kitten under my car, dodging me so skilfully, Indy up on the roof of my car, Cow and Bunny on both sides trying to corner her, and Cleo coming from a distance with Bobby looking helpless.

We finally (yes, "we", not just me alone!) caught the naughty-one and brought her back into the house.  

Then, she bee-lined to the window upstairs and tried to run onto the roof of the patio.

I guess cats will always be cats, especially females.  They just love to explore and to roam.  It's instinctive.  

And though it IS "safer" for them to be caged, but I need to give them a measure of freedom to....BE a cat.   

The naughty-one is done roaming the full measure of the house for now (after 3 hours!), and is quite happily settled down for a snooze in her favourite litter box. 

Watcha lookin' at?

P.S.  This morning, I Spot-On Frontlined everyone and guess who made the most fuss?  Yes, the smallest one....

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ervina said...

look at her cutie patootie little nose! mischievous little girl, always captures everybody's heart :) u are mama's little girl aren't ya?! lots of kitten kisses to u XOXO