Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tiger's home treatment...with some "help"?

Remember Tiger has a wound on his left fore leg?  Well, besides the medicines, I have to give him a dry hot compress three times a day.

Today has been a crazily busy day for me, with our Bentong trip and Mac's treatment at the vet's, so I've just managed to do the second hot compress for the day, for Tiger.

And, in my haste, I had accidentally burnt a hole in the ready-made compress - didn't put enough water into the pot of boiling water. 

So, I had to make do with just a plastic bag of water boiled in hot water, then wrapped in a hand towel. 

Here's Tiger feeling quite comfortable with my makeshift dry hot compress.

I'm burning the midnight oil - still marking my final papers...sobs.

Someone else is also interested in the hot compress...

Up she comes, from the back, and I hear Tiger whimpering...

Suki does it again! 

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