Saturday, October 3, 2009


How's Vixey doing today, I asked the vet as I arrived at the clinic today. 

Well, according to the vet, the clinical signs are good.  She is eating, but still has to be force-fed. 

I'm still angry...I dont like this tube in my paw!

Her her typical style, when she saw me, she went to her water bowl, sat in front of it, and looked.  I know, she wants fresh water. 

Ok, that's better...fresh water.

I spoke to the vet, and he said I could probably take Vixey for a blood test on Monday.  If the readings come down, we can then plan on the next course of action, ie. I could bring her home, and maintain her on the subcutaneous fluids. 

We really hope the readings would have come down by then.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.

As I was sitting there with Vixey, my phone rang...

On to the next case...

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