Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coup de tat (part 3)

Tiger was given his name because of his stripes and a little orange patch on his nose.  But, he turned out to be our tamest cat (read Pawprints on My Heart - Tiger Tales, about how he tried to make friends with the neighbourhood dogs and got a fright of his life).

So, as you all know, Tiger is limping now due to some injury on his left hind leg (whose cause is yet to be identified accurately), and the vet says I should confine him to a room and not let him jump (jumping uses the hind legs).

So I got him a comfortable basket which is slightly bigger than his baby basket (he still stuffs himself into his baby basket for security).

Now, Tiger agreed to sleep in the new basket...until...guess who comes along?

Who else, yah?

Why, it's Suki, the terror, of course!  She came, and woke Tiger up by scratching him through a hole on the underside of the basket.  Tiger hissed...yes, for the first time in his life, he hissed and I don't blame him.  He is sick and he needs rest, and our little terror must come and disturb him.  Who wouldn't hiss?

Before you know it, Suki had driven Tiger out of the basket (by irritating him enough) and she was already IN the basket.

Tiger seeks solace from good friend and protector, Bobby...

And here's when human intervention is necessary, so I caught the naughty-one and put her in the cage.  Note: Bunny is sleeping beside the cage, too.

Our friend prostested in the strongest terms, scratching at the bars of the cage and meowing at the top of her voice.

I carried Tiger back into the basket, but he didn't want it anymore.

I even put a towel to separate the basket from the cage lest Suki disturbs him from inside her cage, which she attempted to do, anyway. 

And Tiger finally decided he would be safer under my chair.

Tiger is quite contented sleeping under my chair now...

Let me out, let me out!!

Since nobody wants this comfy basket, I'll take it....

My baby basket is STILL the best....

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