Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vixey is in a better place now

Dear Friends,

Vixey passed away this afternoon.  Her kidneys must have failed, and caused the severe neurological deterioration this morning. 

She did not suffer any prolonged illness. 

I want to express my thanks to everyone who has been praying for Vixey. 

Thank you so much for your kindness. 

Vixey knows she was dearly loved by everyone who knew her, whether in person, or from her story in Pawprints, and the little episodes in this blog.  She was truly a gutsy girl with a heart of gold.   

Vixey is in a better place now.

I have arranged for Vixey's last rites this evening in Puchong Perdana's pet crematorium.   

My family and I, and all our pets are now saying our goodbyes to Vixey and wishing her a safe journey to a beautiful place where all beautiful people go to.


Anonymous said...

Dear Vixey,

May you rest in peace.

Hong Yee

PPK said...

My thoughts and spirit are with you Vixey.

May you have a good rebirth and be close to the Dhamma in your future rebirths.

Anonymous said...

RIP little vixey.

you will be dearly missed.

Ervina said...

she had a good life under your care mrs chan, and now its time for her to go and leave all her suffering behind to a happier and better place... in God's arms.
be strong mrs chan, little Vix wouldn't want you to be sad. she was indeed a strong kitty during all her short life here on earth.
Rest in peace little Vixey...
You'll be missed by everybody whom have known you.

wonderkitten said...

I knew Vixey from "Indy Jones"... This made me sad.
I know the feeling of losing your loved pet....

Rest in peace, dear Vixey.