Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mac's very resilient

I collected Mac at about 7pm this evening when the vet called.  The vet had managed to remove FIVE of Mac's rotting teeth, and it seems he did not put up a fight at all.  And that's without anaestesia. 

That's one tough guy we're talking about here...he can really withstand pain. 

But these are all rotten teeth, so they were also loose already. 

Many years ago, I had brought Mac to a vet to have him checked and was told he was too old to go under anaestesia for tooth scaling, and I would just have to let it be. 

Now, the vet here tells me I should get Bobby's teeth (he is also thirteen years old) checked as well and see what preventive measures can be taken. 

After receiving all the intructions from the vet, I brought Mac home. 

The good news is (yes, it's moment-to-moment living now) Mac ate when we hand-fed him! 

As long as Mac eats, that's good enough. 

We had a hard time giving him his medicines after all - he put up a fight!

He also needs an eye drop and ointment every 2-3 hours.  The vet says the ruptured cornea will not improve because innoculation is the only solution.  So, it is good enough if it remains as it is without getting any worse. 

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