Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vixey has a kidney infection

My fears were confirmed after the blood test in Puchong.  Her creatinine and BUN has shot up really high.  And a blood smear confirms the presence of a pretty bad infection. 

The prognosis is that Vixey has a kidney and bladder infection, which again, is not "normal" in a cat.  Everything "abnormal" seems to be happening to Vixey, because we just do not know what neurological problems she has.  The bottom line is, Vixey is not a "normal" cat.   

Based on the recommendation of two vets, the best possible treatment for Vixey is to put her on IV-drips with antiobiotics to combat the infection. 

It was a tough decision deciding where to board her for the IV-drips.  Each clinic has its pros, but I finally decided to board her near me, with her regular vet who knows her entire medical history through and through.  I would also be able to visit Vixey as often as I like, and spend time with her. 

The vet packed me off (in good faith) when they were preparing Vixey for the IV-drip because he knows it would be too stressful for me to watch and hear. 

He will try his utmost not to put Vixey under a sedative because any form of drug is bad for her.  I hope Vixey won't struggle too much.  

I want to thank Joo Gyee and Yen Ling for your kind thoughts and prayers for Vixey. 

I am going back to see her now. 

P.S.  And while all this was going on, I had a potential adopter calling up for Whitey and another who is very interested in Super.  I had to arrange for viewing and interview.  The work just doesn't stop.  If only I had more volunteers... Anyone wants to help? 

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sze en said...

Hi, i'm interested in volunteering and is trying to find some friends who will be interested, but if i can't find any i would still like to volunteer :)