Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mac is home, and another coup-de-tat...?

I went down to the hospital today, after visiting JT.  Mac was due to the discharged. 

When I reached the hospital, Mac was sleeping in the cage.  I spoke to the vets and one of them told me she knows why Mac's voice is hoarse (yesterday, I told her Mac's voice was very hoarse).  It seems yesterday, the moment I left the hospital, which was about 1.30pm, Mac barked NON-STOP at regular intervals until 7pm. 

Hmm...well, that's Mac.  It may seem surprising to other people, but not to us.  Mac has been doing that all his life.  My mum used to be amazed at his "lung power". 

He does that at home all the time, especially when the neighbour talks (talk = shout, because that's her normal manner of speaking).  Mac's constant barking at the neighbour ever since they moved in has cost us TWO potential summonses from the authorities because the neighbour complained against Mac. 

After the first visit/warning from the officer, we spent RM4000 erecting a wall at the back of our house so that Mac cannot see the neighbour, but he could still hear her voice, so that did not help at all.  In the next visit/warning, we had to ask the officer to come to the back of the house to listen to the neighbour's shouting.  It was then that the officer said to us, "Why don't YOU all put in a complaint against HER?  She is also disturbing your peace."  Well, yes, she is.  But tit-for-tat doesn't work.  So, we'd rather not. 

Just this morning, while I was at the hospital to collect Mac, my daughter said the neighbour's husband and young son were hurling obscenities at Bobby because Bobby was barking.  They were shouting at the top of their voice. 

So, what do you do when you have such unruly creatures as your neighbours?  Well, I suppose you just tolerate and use them as "teachers" of patience and clear reminders NEVER to be like them. 

I've actually recently told them off once before when their child was very rude, but with such people, you're just wasting your time.

So, back to Mac's are some photos below.  I was told Mac needs to be caged (in the smallest possible cage to prevent him from moving) for about a week since he still has to rest his body.  So we set up our smallest cage... 

And the first visitor is none other than......yes, Suki!  (who else?)

It looks like she is planning another coup-de-tat??'ve got a bigger cage, ok?

Yes, she IS planning a coup-de-tat, but she isn't going to get her way this round.

No way, Jose.

Indy and Cow decide to play bodyguard.  In the cat colony of my house, Cow has declared that black-and-white cats get special privileges (for eg, they get to sleep on the bed).  Well, Cow is the alpha, so he makes the rules in the house.  We humans have no say whatsoever. 

And this reminds me of Michael Jackson's "Black or White" song:

I Said If You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Brother

It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White
Or brown?  

Mac all tired out.  We let him out to do his business earlier. 

The attempted coup-de-tat failed, so our friend settled for the bookcase instead...for now. 

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