Friday, October 2, 2009

Even though you have nine...

Good morning, everyone.  I really felt Vixey's absence last night when I sat in this room writing up the day's events.  Ordinarily, Vixey would be right here, sitting at the router very quietly, but every now and then acknowledging whenever I speak to her - with the wagging of her graceful little tail.

Even though you have nine cats with you, every single one is special. 

This morning, I came downstairs, and while all my cats were there to greet me (they have a hierarchy, ie. who gets which position on the staircase and who gets to come upstairs to sleep in the room), I missed little Vixey terribly.  Vixey would always be on the staircase, and when she sees me, she would play hide-and-seek.  Run for cover, and wait for me to chase her and look for her.  Then, I'll scoop her up and carry her to the kitchen.  That's the game we play every morning.   

And she would then wait patiently for her turn to be fed because she gets fed in the room (her private quarters) while the rest are fed in the kitchen.  That's because Vixey gets KD wet food (a special diet for her kidneys), and the rest are just waiting to pounce on her food.

I just changed the cats' water bowl.  Vixey had a way of demanding for clean fresh water to drink each time.  She would sit by the bowl with her little head resting by the side, and whoever passes by, she just looks you right in the eye.  And she knows we will change the water for her.  Vixey only drinks fresh water.  Fussy little thing.... 

And whenever we change the water on our own, Vixey would know.  You'd hear her jump down from the rattan trunk and go for the water.  She really appreciates fresh water to drink. 

I really miss Vixey, and I hope she is recovering in the clinic now. 

I'm sure she is going to complain a lot when I go and see her after work today.  She is such a clean cat and the drip is going to make her pee a lot (which is the whole idea - to flush out the toxins from her body. 

Get well soon, little Piggy-Vix.

Lots of aunties and uncles are rooting for you and cheering you on! 

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