Thursday, October 1, 2009

PIggy-Vix on drips

Here's little Piggy-Vix, lying on top of a hot water bottle stuffed into her basket.  The vet has put her basket into the cage so that she would feel more at home.  She is on IV-drips now.   

When I reached there, Vix was complaining!  The IV-drip must be really very uncomfortable.  However, the vet said she did not put up any fight when he inserted the drip.  She was totally cooperative.  Good girl, Vix.

I stayed with Vix for almost two hours until closing time.

The vet says the immediate treatment is to put her on a water drip to flush out all the toxins from her kidneys and bladder.  Hence, she is going to pee a lot.  And she did.

While I was there, she must have wet herself three times, and each time, she would shuffle about and move to a dry place.  I had to change her towels for her.  Vix is very fussy about cleanliness.    


I brought her favourite blue furry shawl.  We call it her "Cookie Monster" because of the colour.  When Vix saw it, she came out of the basket to lie on Cookie. 

Vix was very responsive as I chanted positive healing prayers to her.  Her tail moved in perfect rhythm to the chanting.  She even made little Vixey-noises when I spoke to her. 

Finally, nothing beats sleeping inside her security basket. 

Get well soon, Vixey.  I'll come see you tomorrow. 

P.S.  The vet explained that kidneys are non-generative.  It is rather strange how Vixey contracted this kidney infection all of a sudden, especially when I had just started her with Azodyl, which has an excellent track recorder of boosting kidney recovery.  Vixey's condition is not severely critical, but it is alarming.  We hope and pray that this treatment will work, and she will recover soon. 

Thank you very much to all of you who have sent me comforting messages. 


Carene said...

get well soon, vixey!!! your family is waiting for you to come back home!!! =)

YenLing said...

Hello Vix,

Is good to hear from you today and that you are doing well. Working together with the doctor is important in this process.

Besides basket and Cookie, Angels are also with you all the time, so you need not worry.

If your bedding is dirty just ring the bell for service. I am sure the helpful nurses or doctors will attended to you pronto! Let them know is a VIP (Very Important Princess/Patient) staying here ya know. You have every right to stare at them. =)

Suki is waiting for you at home. Take care Princess.


Miss FW said...

Aww...she's a sweet lil thing! i will miss her terribly too. get well soon. *hugs n kisses* for vixey! :)