Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm not in the habit of creating suspense, so when I have something to say, I will start from the end. 

Suki WAS lost, but now, is found. 
(Amazing Grace, how sweet thy sound....)


Now, the story....

I had to go out to give a talk this morning, at about 9.15am, so my husband was looking after Suki.  This morning, he had let her play in the garden after which she was brought into the house and all the windows were closed. 

When I finished my talk and all the Q&A, which was after 12noon, I received a sms from my husband and it read, "Can't find Suki". 

Now, this IS serious, because I know my husband would not simply send an sms like that unless he has done everything possible to look for Suki.

I was on my way to visit ET at the clinic, so I made a quick dash there, made sure ET was alright, and sped home.

As I reached the gate, I saw my husband standing there, with a very worried look on his face.  Oh dear....not a good sign at all.

My husband is an extremely calm person who never panics, the type who is not worried even if "the sky falls down".  A worried look on his face is definitely NOT a good sign.  He was also drenched - it had been raining quite heavily in Subang Jaya. 

So, I rushed in and started calling Suki out loud.  All the cats had come home.  Every single one of them, including the roamers, Pole and Tiger. 

Indy followed me closely, letting out his distress call.  Poor Indy....

I think it was my second call when I heard a familiar Suki-sounding "ngiow".

I went towards the staircase and there....

Our little friend was RIGHT there!!  Just walking towards me like nobody's business!

Gosh...what a relief!

According to my husband, the moment I left the house this morning, he had started looking for her.  He looked all over the house, checking every nook and corner, calling her name out loud.  He even checked inside every cupboard but she was no where to be found. 

It was Indy who alerted him.  It seems Indy had been playing with her upstairs, then Indy suddenly came downstairs with his typical distress call. 

After all the futile attempts at finding her, my husband then went out to our road and the road behind to look for her, going inside drains as well, and Wii and Tiger accompanied him on his rounds.  

When it started raining heavily, he even stood inside the drains, thinking if Suki had gone into the drains, she might be washed out with the drain water.  

Then he came home, and looked all over again inside the house, calling out her name.  Even Indy went all over the house, looking for Suki.

Now, WHERE on earth was she for the entire THREE hours???

Here's our naughty girl (I mean Suki, not me!)

Here's Suki with Big Brother Indy

Indy was so relieved when Suki was found. 


We'll never know where she was hiding in those three hours, but my husband said, the next time I go out, Suki is going into the cage, under lock and key!  No more free roaming, even inside the house with the windows closed.

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YenLing said...

=) Cats are Houdini (at times). You will be very SURE you checked under the stairs a zillion times and you can't see it. I know what that feel is. You will feel like a total clown. And cats being cats, they will go "hey, what is the fuss all about? I am right here, hello??"