Friday, October 30, 2009

A German Shepherd, an old friend, and more Tiger tales

After Rahnee's case, a large German Shepherd came through the doors of the clinic, with owner in tow, and what do you was my former schoolmate of 30 years ago, Angeline Devindran!!

Angeline brought one of her four dogs, Ozzie (sorry if the spelling is wrong) for a check-up because he has been panting quite a bit. 

And what was supposed to be a 15 min check-up turned out to be almost two hours!  And I was waiting outside with Tiger, and WITHOUT my exam papers to mark!! 

Angeline decided to do a full medical check-up for Ozzie and this included getting Ozzie to run around the neighbourhood (yes, with Angeline, her friend and the vet!) because they wanted to see his reaction after the run and also collect his urine. 

Then, they had to take his blood, and Ozzie was a total baby at that.  Angeline had to leave the clinic so that the two vets and their assistant could take the blood without Ozzie putting up a fuss.  You know how small children put up a fuss and tantrum when the mum is around?  Ozzie's that kind of baby! 

Then, chest x-rays for Ozzie and I could hear Angeline giving commands to Ozzie from inside the xray room.

Now, that's really a complete medical check-up - something we pet-lovers do for our pets and any stray animal, but would never do for ourselves!!  We spend on the animals without giving it a second thought, but become a total scrooge when it comes to ourselves. 

Then, it was Tiger's turn. 

Now, Tiger's case has turned rather mysterious and the vet was getting worried.  He was supposed to have "shifting lameness" due to the Calicivirus but ever since the lameness shifted to the left front paw, it had kind of stayed there.  That's not a good sign.  

So the vet checked, and aha! - we found the culprit!  What a relief of sorts!  Tiger has a wound on this left front paw.  It is just a small wound, but that must be causing the lameness.  

So, the treatment now is to apply a dry hot compress three times a day, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and more immune boosters.  

Three days, and it should be cured...unless more mysterious things happen...

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