Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tiger visits Mac in hospital!

Mac looks much better today.  He seems to be back to his old self this morning, barking non-stop.  When I reached the hospital, I saw the tubings all entangled and twisted so badly that I doubt the fluids could even flow through.  Well, that's typical of Mac - that's the way he is, so it was rather a....good sign!

If Mac sits quietly, something is terribly wrong and you would worry!

Here's Mac.  He was moving so much I couldn't even take a good photo of him.  Had to use the flash, hence, the red eye effect.  He is still wearing the e-collar (the white plastic around him).

The plan for Mac now is to repeat the blood test to make a comparison with the first test done at the clinic.  To put it in a nutshell, the prognosis now, based on the xrays is it's all degenerative illnesses.  But the blood test results would reveal more this evening or tomorrow. 

Mac would have to be boarded for at least three days to enable more efficient monitoring of his condition. 

I brought Tiger too, to get a second opinion on his limping.  Tiger was ok in the carrier and the car though he did complain a bit, but nothing like Cleo!! 

The vet could not actually find out what caused Tiger's limping, but she has increased the dosage of the painkillers cum anti-flammatory.  If he does not improve after 3 days, I would need to bring him in for an xray. 

The vet and I tried to make Tiger walk in the clinic so that she could observe his gait, but Tiger was contented just sitting where we had left him!  We put him on different spots and walked away thinking he might follow us, but he just sat!

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Yen Ling said...

Hi Dr. Chan,

I've just read your many postings and I wish Mac the best of health and get well soon! I'm sure is just 'oldman' problem and he is handling it just fine. You take care.

And the adventures of Cleo (I'm happy she is back home)and naughty Suki! Suki is very naughty huh. I thought so when she walk right to me and went "so you wanna play or not?".