Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A beautiful letter from a beautiful heart

I received this beautiful letter from a fellow pet-lover.

Thank you, my friend.

Dearest Kahyein,

Your relation of darling Vixie and the yellow butterfly reminds me of the time my late father passed away, and a butterfly also appeared, hovering around me and my sisters one day. Later, we heard from my mother that a butterfly accompanied her as she trotted down the road to a huge garbage collection bin some distance from our family home to throw some rubbish away. She said the butterfly kept hovering around her and stayed with her all the way. A butterfly had also appeared at my late father's altar put up soon after his passing.

Yes, Kahyein, that WAS Vixie coming back to comfort you and all her loved ones left behind. I have read that cats often make contact with their owners soon after their passing, especially in the transition phase before they go off to some permanent place. Having experienced this several times with my cats that died, I now believe this. Each time, they reach out and send a very strong image and message, "Don't hurt, Mama ... I am all right now .... and I love you too, thank you so much for your kindness and love ... my time has come and I have to go .... don't hurt, Mama ... I love you very much too!"

One time I came home after work and found my 8 month old neutered male kitten lying on the porch, dead with blood oozing out from his mouth. I thought that he had been killed by the big fierce adult unneutered cat owned by a neighbour who had just moved in because that huge aggressive male cat always came directly into our compound and even into our house to seek out my poor boboy and attack him. Being new to cats, I didn't know enough about male animal behaviour to seriously understand what was happening and protect him properly until he would be older and bigger in size.

But as I retired for the night, my boboy appeared in my mind and after comforting me, actually told me not to be angry with the big male cat because it was not his fault. My boboy told me that he had simply been playing and ended up dead. I did a post-mortem on him and the full picture on the cause of his death finally dawned on my when I saw his sister having the same accident that he did while chasing and playing with the sibblings. She had her leg trapped between the wires of an uncovered cage top and was panicking, trying desperately to twist her leg free, swinging her body and ended up banging against the cage . She would have also died if I had not happened to be there.

Yes, animals do communicate with us ... and they do love us back in return. They can sense our emotions when we are happy, sad, sick or angry .... they can see our aura.

Kahyein, for many months and even years on, your tears will still flow and your heart will still ache and miss you loved little ones, each and every one even though you may have 50 ... each one is special, different and precious, people who do not understand think we are crazy and they are actually missing something important in life.

I find that it helps to spend time to close your eyes wherever you may be, envision them in your mind, convey your love to them, tell them you miss them, ask them how they are, smell, touch and cuddle them, hug them ... very healing indeed to ease that terrible pain in your heart. Soon, with time, that pain will be replaced with warmth, comfort, peace and happiness ... even joy ... for that precious privilege of having had them in your life, however short.

Take care, friend.


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