Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tiger...lost, and found!

Not only is Mac the patient in the house, but you might remember also that Tiger has a limp (and actually needs to be caged for complete rest) and Cleo has that persistent skin problem. 

So, after having attended to Mac, I had to look for Tiger.  He is usually in the neighbour's house (his second home), but the neighbour was out all day.  I went down my back alley and the street in front several times since 3pm but Tiger was no where to be found.  This morning I heard a catfight in the back alley and found Bushy (the neighbourhood bully-cat) terrorising Tiger in the drain.  When I approached, Bushy ran away (as all bullies would) so I had brought Tiger back.  Tiger is the most mild-mannered cat I've EVER seen in my entire life.  Looks like the name "Tiger" was not effective in making him any more cat-like, let alone tiger-like!

So Tiger was no where to be found and I rang the panic button by 6.30pm.  My husband came back, and the neighbour came back home, and finally, we located Tiger.  He had been happily sleeping in the neighbour's house all day!

He's not happy being caged...poor thing.  I hope he gets well soon because I really would rather not have him caged. 

Next story...Cleo's (co-starring Indy and Suki!).

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