Monday, October 19, 2009

And through it all....

While Cleo was lost this evening, the one keeping vigil for Cleo was none other than good old Indy Jones.

When I came home this evening twice, without Cleo, Indy was sitting on the pillar of my house, watching out for Cleo.  I knew why he was there.  I just knew.  He looked at me with his soulful eyes, and I could see he was sad and worried. 

I told him we would do our very best to look for Cleo. 

And when we finally brought Cleo home, Indy was still sitting on the pillar. 

Here's our ever-so-caring Indy Jones the living room, on the top of the bookshelf. 

The heart-of-gold

Perhaps it isn't so surprising that Indy has a heart of gold.  Indy was brought up and trained by Vixey!

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