Monday, October 19, 2009


A picture paints a THOUSAND words....We found Cleo!!!

YES!!  We found her!!

My husband and Cleo, back home.

Don't you EVER run away again, please...

NO MORE bringing Cleo to any vet.  NO MORE!!  I'll pay for housecalls!!  I swear I'll never take her in the car anywhere again unless it's a matter of life and death!

The Story:

I drove back at about 8pm to look for Cleo again.  Parked my car at the same place and went around the neighbourhood calling for her.  There was no sign of her.  After a few minutes, I saw Terry. 

Terry had come, after work, to help me look for Cleo.  We walked through the roads and alleys, and Terry said he felt she was just around there somewhere, and could not have gone too far. 

I asked Terry if he knew of any psychic.  I will pay, whatever it takes, to locate Cleo and bring her home safely. 

After perhaps half an hour, my husband called me.  He could only manage to say very quickly, "She's here, she's here near your car."  And I heard him calling Cleo in the background. 

I couldn't believe my ears!!  He has found Cleo???


I called out to Terry to say Cleo has been found near my car and we ran back towards that direction. 

When I reached my car, Cleo wasn't there and neither was my husband. 

We scourged the area again, and before long, I heard my husband calling Cleo and behold.....there he was, carrying Cleo from a distance, walking towards my car!!!

It's Cleo!! 

I ran towards her, but didn't dare approach too close for fear of stressing her again.  Then, I quickly ran to get the carrier from my car. 

The three of us managed to forcibly "stuff" Cleo into the carrier this time, and lock it shut.  And I told my husband to hold the door.  I don't trust locks, no way!  Hold the door shut!

We thanked Terry profusely....Thank you so, so much, Terry.  You're really all heart.

And we had to get Cleo home as fast as we could because she simply hates being inside the carrier, and was already letting out her distress call. 

So I drove home and....Cleo's home now!!!


Thank you, everyone, for your text messages and offers of help. 

Thank you, Terry, for helping us when we needed it most. 


More photos coming up soon...and the full story...

Here's my husband's story:

He had walked over to SS17 from our house.  And he was calling out Cleo's name near my car when he heard a familiar meow...

It was Cleo's meow alright.  So he kept calling to wait for her to come out. 

I knew if anyone could find Cleo, it would be my husband because he is the closest person to Cleo.  Cleo has sort of "adopted" him as her pet, and she wakes him up every morning. 

Before long, Cleo actually come out mewing.  And guess where she was?  She was barely 15 metres from my car!  I think she must have been there ALL the while, just hiding.  Probably in fear.  Just hiding there for 3 whole hours while I was frantically searching like a mad woman!!  

So, Cleo came walking out, but suddenly, two cats fought nearby, and the noise made Cleo run off again, towards a house.

So my husband went to the front of the house to call her name again.

He waited for awhile, and she came out towards him.

That's how he found Cleo.  Or rather, should I say, Cleo found him!

All's well that ends well. 

To me, it's a miracle.  A total miracle!! 

I am so thankful.  I want to thank the stars, the moon, the sun (I'm just being silly here) and everyone who has helped in some way in this time of need. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

More photos...

We first locked Cleo in my room, just to let her get settled.  She wasn't too happy about it. 

Then, we brought Pole (her mother) back from the road outside.  Pole likes to live on the road because she is not comfortable with too many cats in the house.  The funny thing is that Pole rejects Cleo, but Cleo still adores her mummy.  Each time Pole comes back to eat, Cleo would follow closely and eat with her. 

Cleo eating with mum, Pole.  Cleo was so hungry!!

Cleo, lounging in the living room, after dinner.

I almost cannot believe we actually found her, but we did.  Pinch me, Cleo!!

P.S.  I'll get the vet to make a housecall tomorrow to see to Cleo's skin problem and also to attend to Tiger.  He seems unwell too.


Carolina said...

Glad to know it!! :) :) :)

Li Lian said...

Phew, thank goodness you found her :-)

All's well now.

Li Lian said...

I love the photo of your hubby with Cleo and also you hugging Cleo.

So loving!