Friday, October 2, 2009

Suki and Indy visit Vixey

Today, we brought Suki and Indy to visit Vixey.  Suki and Indy were also due for vaccination, so it was two things at one go.

Suki was very curious about this new place

Indy, being such a homebody, was very nervous and stressed out.  He did not dare to even come out of the carrier, so we held the carrier close to Vixey.  The moment Vixey saw Indy, she got excited and moved towards him.

Aww....remember Vixey was the one who brought Indy up when he first came to our home.  Indy had come (from the drain) with a severe bladder infection (like nothing the vet had EVER seen before), a Eustachian tube infection and an eye infection.  It was Vixey who looked after him.

Flashback (May 2008) - Vixey and little Indy

A recent photo of Indy, Vixey and Bobby

Vixey was very happy to see Indy and Suki.  She made little Vixey-noises. 

Later, it was feeding time for Vixey.  The vet feeds her four times a day.  For now, it's force-feeding because Vixey still refuses to eat.  According to the vet, Vixey must eat, with this kidney ailment.  It's the only way to sustain her. 

So we force-fed Vixey, and she put up a fight, as usual.  The vet joked that it is still "good" that she can fight.  It seems last night, Vixey bit a hole in the plastic tubing of the drip, so this morning, it had to be changed.  I helped restrain her while the vet changed the plastic tubing but I wasn't strong enough to hold her down, so another vet had to be called in!    

When I went to visit her at noon, she shook her paw (which had the drip) in a clear sign of protest!  And made a lot of noise.  

We won't know if the treatment is effective until another blood test is taken 3-5 days from yesterday. 

Meanwhile, we can only pray and hope for the best.

The vet says upon recovery, I might have to learn how to give her "dialysis" in the form of a subcutaneous injection of fluids.

Well, one day at at time....

Get well soon, Vixey, and please eat your food. 

P.S.  As I sat on the floor next to her cage, I remember doing exactly the same thing two years ago when little Vixey had the brain trauma and was on the drip for 3 days.  At that time, she was almost "comatose".  It was really touch and go at that time. 

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