Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yen Ling visits Suki!

Hello everyone.  If you remember, Yen Ling was the one who rescued little Suki from the drain...three times too!  And that was in August.  Suki had just opened her eyes then.   

Suki's baby photo when first rescued
THE photo that captured many-a-hearts!

To cut a long story short, Suki was brought to me, and the rest is history.

When Yen Ling brought Suki to me - Vixey came out to say "hi" too.

Suki saying hello to Bobby on her first day

Suki became surrogate daughter to Joanie, a mother-cat who had lost all her babies in a tragic case of obstructed labour).

Today, Yen Ling and her husband came to visit, and oh's the reunion picture....

Hello Suki, hello, do you remember me? 

I'm sure Suki does...lick, lick, lick...

Yen Ling brought Suki a purple ribbon to play with. 

Yen Ling's husband saying hello to Cow Mau, the alpha cat of the family.

While Yen Ling was here, Suki played non-stop (that's what she does every day, anyway).  Yen Ling says even from Day One, she had always been like that. 

After Yen Ling left and the excitement had died down, our little one was quite tired...


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