Monday, October 19, 2009

Cleo ran away - I need help, please

This is Cleo.  I took Cleo to Healing Rooms, SS17, Subang Jaya this evening because she has a stubborn skin problem (bald patches on her skin). 

Earlier on, Cleo had simply refused to get into the carrier, and she ran off (from my house).  Cleo is street-wise.

When I finally caught her again (after she came home), I put her in the car, and I put the carrier in as well, and drove to the vet's.  She was very stressed in the car and let out a distress call.

When I reached the vet's, I decided to carry her down since the carrier seemed to stress her so much.  As I was walking toward the clinic, there was a group of people sitting in the five-foot way, Cleo got scared, kicked me and ran off.

I searched high and low for her.  Some of the people helped me as well.  It was about five o'clock then.  I went down the drains and scourged every road nearby. 

It is now 7 o'clock.  I have been looking for 2 hours now.  My husband joined me to search for her.

We have not sighted her at all.

If you can help me in any way at all, whether by physically helping me, or in terms of advice or knowledge of cat behaviour, please help me.

Cleo is not familiar with this surroundings at all.  In order to get home, she would have to cross the busy Jalan Tujuan to get from SS17 to SS19, and that is almost an impossibility.  The vet who helped me look for her said she would probably be too afraid to cross that busy road.  

I am very sure she is still somewhere near Healing Rooms now.  She could not have gone very far.  

If you can help me in any way, please...I need help.

Cleo is street-wise.  She is not very people-friendly and tends to be afraid of people.  She prefers to be alone most of the time. 

She has a large bald patch on the right side of her body and two small bald patches on the left. 

I am going back tonight to look for her again. 

Thank you.

Please pray that I will find Cleo.  And please pray that she is safe, wherever she is.  My only consolation is that Cleo is very streetwise.  But I don't think she can possibly cross the busy road to get back home. 

Please help me forward this link to friends living in the SS17 area.  Thanks. 

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Li Lian said...

I hope you'll find here real soon.

If you need my help, just give me a buzz.

You take care.