Monday, October 5, 2009

A celebration of Vixey's wonderful life

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for all your messages of comfort.  I am deeply touched that so many of you care. 

My daughter, Ming-Yi, made this video clip late last night.  It is uploaded on youtube.

It is a celebration of Vixey's wonderful life and the wonderful world she gave us by being who she is.

I miss Vixey very, very much. 


My husband and Suki watching the youtube


Carene said...

It is a great video clip!!! I believe Vixey is now live in another world without suffering her illness!!! and miss~ be strong ya!!! I know you can do it~ thanks for sharing the video!!! =) -cher yeng-

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ming-Yi, for creating this wonderful and touching video clip of Vixey.

We will all miss Vixey, the Oh Cho Mau, as described by your mum in her book Pawprints on my Heart.

Vixey was indeed a beautiful cat with a heart of gold. Her presence definitely made the world a more wonderful place to live in.

Thank you, Vixey, for teaching us how we can live life meaningfully by caring for others inspite one's own limitations.

km-y said...

yes, Vixey was a great little cat, who made our world wonderful in her own special way.

Li Lian said...

This is a very touching video and tears flow as I watched it. I miss Vixey too. It was an honour to get to know her. I found her to be so cute when I first met her. She was such a polite cat. I'll never forget her.

May you rest in peace. Goodbye Vixey.

LoisLoo said...

Mrs. Chan, you made her world wonderful too.

Lil Vixey, you will be missed.