Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fever or no fever, Suki strikes again!

Suki came down with a slight fever after her first vaccination, so she was pretty grumpy all day.  And I think the injected part hurts a bit, so she complains by sceaming and biting each time anyone touches her.

But this does not stop her from....taking over "The Chair".

For those who missed the earlier episode, please read this first:

Actually, this coup de tat happens on a daily basis, but we managed to take a video clip and some shots today.

Suki has no problems taking over the chair from all the feline elders and canine grand-elders.

I want the chair, and I'll get it...somehow.

Create enough disturbance to wake the dog up.
Good, he's up...

Dog jumps down....YES!

Quickly sit in the centre before dog jumps up again

As easy as pie...

Suki strikes again!


fini mahadami said...

Girl Powerrrr!! Yeah!! Suki's one clever kitty!!


YenLing said...

haha :D. I will have a word with my boy here. I now suspect she must have been communicating with Jack on how to do this when she was here. Dog and cat living in the same room..hmmm conspiracy plans.