Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vixey's news

I spent as long as I could with Vixey this evening since the clinic would be closed tomorrow (but the vets would be coming in to feed the animals). 

Vixey was her usual self, complaining about the discomfort of the drip.  While I was there, I must have changed her nappy cloths at least 4 times.  She wets herself a lot because of the drip, and that's a good thing, because the whole idea is to flush out the toxins from her kidneys with water.  The urine also looks clearer now, but again, we cannot be sure.   

Judging from her clinical signs, she ought to be ready for a blood test on Monday afternoon.  From there, we would decide on the next course of action. 

While I was there, I watched the patients (and their owners) come and go.  Being a Saturday, it was practically non-stop flowing of patients the whole day.  There were all kinds of cases, some very sad ones too.  And this is where you get a close look into how humans behave and respond to their pets' needs. 

It wouldn't be ethical of me to write about the cases I've learnt today because the confidentiality of the patients and their owners have to be respected. 

Suffice to say, some humans react in the strangest ways.

But then again, what is "strange" to you could be absolutely "normal" to another human being.  

What is "wrong" for you, could also be absolutely "right" to another human being.

It all boils down to adopting a non-judgmental attitude and to do whatever we think is right, as much as we can.  

Some things we can change, some we cannot, and that is a fact of life we just have to accept.   

It is much easier dealing with animals because what you see is really what you get. 

With humans, you can never be sure. 



Saludos desde Mexico.........felicidades por su buen trabajo en su blog.



saludos desde mexico.......buen blog tienes amiga.


chankahyein said...

Mucho Gracias, Senor Carlos!

Sukhi Hotu (may you be well and happy).