Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mac's aging condition

Just as we were about to leave LLLP, I received a phonecall from my daughter, Ming-Yi. 

Ming-Yi had taken Mac to the vet's and we had to make some decisions for Mac.

Apparently, Mac has many, many old-age related problems now.  As with us humans, we too will face many degenerative problems when our time is almost up. 

Mac has joints, heart, liver, spine, tooth and an eye problem.  What we thought was just old-age mucus was actually a ruptured cornea which is infected with pus now.  I had noticed some mucus when I admitted him at the hospital earlier on, but I guess no one suspected it was a ruptured cornea.  Even today, the vet thought it was just old-age mucus until closer examination revealed it was a ruptured cornea.  The treatment for this is innoculation, but Mac would not be able to take the anaesthesia.  He might not wake up from it.   

Mac also has a rotting tooth that needs to be extracted, but this requires anaesthesia as well.  However, seeing how calm Mac is, the vet said he is already in so much pain, perhaps we could try extracting the tooth (which is already loose) without using an anaestetic.  I think Mac can withstand the pain as he is an extremely tough dog. 

To cut a long story short, the vet told us that Mac is dying, and we have three options:

1.  The one I would not choose.

2.  Relieve him with painkillers and antibiotics so that he feels more comfortable, but these drugs might shorten his life because they will tax on his liver and kidneys.

3.  Let him be, and let him live out his natural life, but he will be in pain.

I have decided to choose Option 2 so that Mac's remaining days can be lived out with less pain and suffering.  Quality vs quantity.  


I just got a call from the vet to say the tooth has been extracted now, and Mac is ok. 

Tough boy!

Mac stopped eating last night, and this is not a good sign.  The vet thinks it could be due to all the pain he is having.  Hopefully the extraction of the tooth will relieve some of his pain and he will eat again.  Otherwise, he has already lost 20% of his weight since last week, and he would be starving to death.  He refused his dinner last night and his breakfast this morning, but I gave him liquid spirulina and glucose. 

If he still does not eat, the next thing to go would have to be his infected eye.  This would required anaestesia.   

I will cross that bridge when I come to it.


Please spare a kind thought for Mac.

May he be free from pain and suffering. 

The eye became like this last night - it's a ruptured cornea.

P.S.  Tiger is still limping, and I have to nurse him as well.  At times like these, maintaining your composure and having the ability and willingness to accept life as it comes become paramount in facing all such challenges.  We can only do our best in such situations, and as long as whatever we do or decide is done so with compassion, it would be good enough already.   


Anonymous said...

I will have a candle lighted for Mac.

Continue to be brave and strong Mac. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

And to you KahYein, please take good care of yourself too. Give yourself adequate rest.

YenLing said...

Dear Mac,

I've met you only twice and you are a truly blessed dog though you had your ups and downs with Bobby. Don't be sad or worry if you need to go already. Vixey will be waiting for you at the grand entrace of Paradise Valley. There you will feel no pain nor sorrow, no ruptured cornea, no joint aches, no old age problem. Everyone there lives in happiness and harmony. I ask you to rest well and have a smooth and wonderful journey ahead, my friend.

Hi Dr. Chan, this must be tough for you. HUGS. Yes a BIG decision like this is not easy. Not to worry, Vix will have Mac and Mac will have Vix, right. =) Be Strong and stay positive. We will let nature take it's course. All will be in my prayers. Take care