Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little yellow butterfly, a symbol of life

I decided to come home in between work today because I wanted to spend some time alone, and also to let Suki out of the cage. 

As I was reaching the house, I noticed the two cardboard boxes (which were Vixey's bungalows) which we had put outside the house were still there.  Ever since Mac (our 13 year-old dog who refused to be toilet-trained) had come inside the house, he had been pee-ing on all of Vixey's bungalows, and we've had to change the boxes every two or three days. These two boxes were put outside because they were full of Mac's urine and I thought I'd throw them away and get new ones for Vixey last week, before she was hospitalised.  The garbage collectors had not taken them yet. 

I looked at the boxes and sentimental emotions overcame me, so I decided I'd bring them back into the garden. 

As I was bringing them through the small gate, a yellow butterfly, with the exact same colour as the chrysanthemums on Vixey's ashes fluttered pass me, almost touching me, through the small gate.  Its yellow colour was shining and gleaming in the sun.  It was so, so beautiful. 

The beautiful little butterfly fluttered so very joyfully and happily about my garden.  It circled around, went towards Cow, Bobby and Bunny, as though sprinkling little pixie dust on them.  It was like a happy little fairy. 

In that very split-second instant, I felt only happiness, joy and beauty.  I was so moved that I cried.  I knew Vixey had sent the butterfly with a message for me.  I just knew it.   

As the little yellow butterfly flew into the neighbour's garden, a golden-coloured dragonfly flew pass me now, right before my eyes.  It was a very majestic-looking dragonfly and it was huge.  Again, it carried with it, an air of splendour and beauty.

We seldom ever see butterflies around here, what more, dragonflies. 

It all happened within the span of perhaps, only one minute, but this beautiful sight spoke volumes to me.  For that moment, the butterfly transformed my garden into a picture of joy and happiness.  A paradise.  It brought instant life to my garden.   

My mother had always said after someone passes away, a butterfly will be the messenger, to carry a message from the deceased.  Normally it would be a white butterfly, they say.  But Vixey has always been special.  So she sent a bright yellow butterfly instead.   

I can feel the message.  It is telling me that life is beautiful and life has continued in a happier and higher plane of existence now. 

I know this message is from Vixey.  I can feel it in my heart. 

Vixey is telling me not to be sad anymore.  She is very happy now.

Life continues.  And life is beautiful.    

It is a message of love and joy.  And of life. 

As I stood watching the beautiful little butterfly doing its dance of life, and the handsome dragonfly flying pass with majesty and confidence, my tears flowed.   

I stood in the sun and cried.  The moment felt like an eternity.  

Vixey is now a great being, in a beautiful realm.  

Vixey has just communicated with me.  And I am so deeply touched.

As I sit here now, typing this, tears are still streaming down my face.  It is a feeling that cannot be described in words.  

It has to be felt.  

Vixey, my litle Piggy-Vix...thank you!    

You are in paradise, aren't you? 


Teresa Chian said...

I'm crying with you too.

Anonymous said...

You had me in tears too... Trust that Vixey is definitely in a much higher realm now....

Miss FW said...

Kahyein n vixey, u made me cried as well too! May you blissfull life ahead, vixey .

Anonymous said...

and so do I...your mother is right, I saw butterflies too when my father and mother in law and my poodle Ben passed away, it was a huge butterfly different from the ordinary one...it was like a unexplained phenomena to me, but it really bring some comfort to me.


Little Yong said...

ya, butterfly as messenger...an old yet beautiful belief. I'm glad that this messenger able to lighten your heart:).

koktong said...

Yes ... Vixey is now in the Astral Heaven where nice animals and humans go to after their earthly lives. The butterfly was sent to let you know, so you can share in Vixey's joy. Om.

km-y said...

there were butterflies when pans and kimba passed away too..think so.. =)

Mary said...

KY, I am so touched with your writing about lil Vixey. Vixey had touched many hearts. I believe she received all the blessings and will be reborn in higher realmwith perfect conditions to practise the Dharma. We should in fact be happy for her as her life in the animal realm to pay karmic debts is short and meaningful. Take care, KY.

Danny said...

Yes, I do believe. May it be a myth or phenomena only one as close
with Vixey as you, will know. Very touching. I hope this message from Vixey
alleviates your pain and sadness.

Take care , Sister.

KF said...

The joy for Vixey is so beautifully expressed. This is indeed mudita.

KW said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I was very touched, and almost cry as well. This is perhaps is one of the most beautiful incidents I ever heard. I could feel you JOY; perhaps there was a moment of enlightenment of YOU.

I believe you should have relieved seeing this phenomenon. Indeed, Vixey wanted to send the message and let you to move on. She doesn't want you to feel sad, and I believe she has successfully done that....

Take care, my sister.

km-y said...

i read the butterfly and dragonfly post again. i felt a very sunshine-y feeling mixed with greatness (the GOLDEN dragonfly)..