Friday, October 23, 2009

Mac's coming home tomorrow!

Hi everyone.  Mac's blood test results show an overall improvement on his urea and liver enzyme readings.  So, he will come home tomorrow, after two more doses of the steroid jabs. 

Terry came along to visit Mac and take a look at the hospital.  When we saw him today, he was barking and complaining non-stop - that's Mac, back in action again!  The vets say he is "very well-behaved" with them, and hardly makes any noise, but the moment I started walking up the stairs to where he was boarded, I could already hear him barking. 

And when I closed his cage door to go home, he banged the e-collar on the door as a sign of protest.  Yup, that's Mac alright! 

The vet says he can go home tomorrow morning.  He'll be put on supplements for his degenerative illnesses, and perhaps, a repeat blood test after a week to check on his liver readings, just to be sure. 

Thank you, everyone, for your kind prayers and positive thoughts for Mac!  It has certainly helped a great deal. 

P.S.  I took some photos but they are all blur.  Just shows how much he is moving around today! 

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