Monday, October 5, 2009

Vixey is home with me now

It is now 3pm.  Just three days ago, I thought at this time, right now, I would be bringing Vixey to Puchong to get her blood test done, and then she would be discharged and we would all go home.  I even envisaged writing a posting entitled "Vixey's home!!", and we'd have happy photographs taken. 

Instead, what I had to do today was something I had not expected at all.  After work, I went to settle Vixey's bill at the clinic, and collect the little Tupperware of food I had brought for her while she was hospitalised.  The vets at the clinic were very sympathetic and kind. 

Then, I came home to wait for Vixey's ashes to be brought home to me.

James Kho, who runs Pet Memorial Service, just arrived, and here are Vixey's ashes.

Fragrant crysanthemums for little Piggy-Vix

I had not expected Vixey's ashes to arrive in such a beautifully-packaged little basket.  I am very touched and thankful to James Kho. 

From my short experience since yesterday, from the time I called James from the clinic(he was recommended by my vet), to the cremation and until now, I can feel James' sincerity in this honourable work that he has chosen to do (pet cremation and burial).  He is very tactful and empathetic, and there is absolutely no false pretense in him.  None at all.  He is very, very sincere. And most importantly, he loves animals, and he has chosen to do this simply because he cares, for the pets and their owners.   

The fragrance of these yellow chrysanthemums now permeates the air, and I know Vixey is in a better place already.  

I am planning to clear a little spot in my small garden and bury Vixey's ashes there when my son returns home on Wednesday.  He has not said goodbye to Vixey yet.  

Our body is from Nature, so from dust to dust, to Nature we shall return.  

But our spirit will be released when this body dies, and it will soar high if we have led a pure and useful life.  And in this manner, the spirit soars up the spiral of existence until finally, it achieves total freedom from all pain and suffering. 

Vixey is soaring high now.

And for those of us who are still here on Earth, it's time to get back to life, and do something useful for others...  


Lim Chin Kah said...

This is for you, KahYein, in memory of what you have done for dear little Vixey.


YenLing said...

Hi Lim - your poem is very touching. =)

Hi Dr. Chan, is good to see Vix in a such a pretty basket and flowers too. Fit for a princess indeed. =)

km-y said...

Thank you, Uncle Chin Kah.