Monday, November 2, 2009

Mac's condition

After coming home from his tooth extraction (five rotting teeth got pulled out), Mac actually ate his wet food, and I was so happy!  The vet had said that if he still does not eat, the next to go would be his infected eye, and this means Mac has to go under general anaesthesia. 

But the next day, all the food was vomited out - undigested.

And he stopped eating again.

I had no choice but to feed him liquid spirulina (thank you, Sumitra).  At least that's some protein going in, which is easily-digestible. 

Last night, I decided to try giving him eggs, so I syringed some raw egg and fed him.  He seemed to eat a bit. 

This morning, he ate half an egg by himself.  I called the vet and he advised me to half-boil the egg.

Mac lapping up some of the half-boiled egg by himself.

Suki is interested - in both the egg and the syringe.

She just had to try this yellow-coloured concoction, but decided it wasn't very nice.  Of course - what's egg compared to her Royal Canin kibbles. 

Bunny tried some too, and did not quite like it either.

Surprisingly, Mac's eye "looked" better after the frequent application of the antibiotic eyedrop and eye ointment.  But the vet had told me it will not get any better.  We are just preventing it from getting worse.

So, it's day-by-day for Mac now. 

I'm doing my best to keep him as comfortable as possible. 

Mac is really a tough guy.  The toughest I've ever seen. 

Hang in there, Mac ol' boy. 

The meek shall inherit the earth. 

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Miss FW said...

ohh poor mac! :( i hope everything will b fine and he knows dat u loved him so much!