Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tabs goes berserk...because of the tshirt!

We thought that since Tabs is looking for warm mats and warm places to rest in, putting on a tshirt might make her more comfortable.


That's Indy's tshirt, remember? But Tabs didn't like it at all and started going on "reverse gear". That's moving backwards, something cats always do when they are afraid. We thought it would be just a while, so we let her be.

Then she totally went berserk and dashed around the house, moving backwards as well. It was a little creepy.

Finally, she settled down inside the storeroom and was calm.


But she would only calm down when sitting. The moment she got up, she walked backwards again, and this was after an hour.

So, no, the tshirt got to go. It was causing her more stress than comfort.

Strange how cats' personalities are different. Remember how Indy actually LIKED wearing his tshirts, especially this yellow gay-rocker cape. He completely loved it!


Au naturelle, that's my way.


loh lay peng said...

gd mrg Sis n Tabs.he is handsome in this shirt.

chankahyein said...

Good morning, Sis. Tabs is a girl!

Joyce said...

Try it again, it takes sometime getting used to. When I put the harness on my two cats, they did not not like it at first and walk around the house crouching on fours, but they are not too bad with it now, so we will still keep on trying. Joyce