Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On a hot sleepy afternoon

It's been raining so much, the sunshine today is most welcome.

So where is everyone on a hot sunshiny day like today?


Do you see Daffodil and Heidi?


This is Heidi's permanent spot, at the window sill.

She's got the green netting as "cushion" so that she won't accidentally fall down.

Which cat "accidentally" falls down, anyway?


This is Daffodil's permanent Tropicana Resort nap-spot.


Vincent takes the front portion of the house as he is still the Star Trooper and has a duty to perform.

By the way, another human visitor to our house has reported that she was barred from entering the gate by Vincent when we were not at home. Vincent stood guard and refused to budge. Yes, Star Troopers are well-trained and loyal to the hilt.

If Vincent were a real-life tiger....wouldn't that be good?


Brother-and-sister, Rosie and Ginger, seem to be discussing what they should do with the lizard.

But before a decision was made, we had rescued the lizard and put it outside on the grass. We figured no decision would have been good for Mr Lizard.


No, please don't let this photo deceive you. Our Star Trooper can pounce into action anytime, folks. Anytime at all.

At the pantry...


Indy, the other diehard trooper (of another kind) has found a nice little guardhouse for himself.

It's good that he relaxes a bit. It must be VERY tiring keeping watch at the grille all day. Yes, for intruders.


Cow Mau in a comfortable green spot. Not as tropicana-styled as Daffodil's but close enough.


A pink curtain for Cleo's shelf.


Tiger doesn't need anywhere special. His needs are very few.

The world has enough for every cat's needs, but not enough for even one cat's greed.
Every cat should live simply so that all cats may simply live.

Are you referring to Timmy here, Tiger?


Bunny is in his castle.

The two doors have been discarded because the hinges have completely rusted.

We wanted to discard the trunk but how could we when the cats love it so much?


Tabs on her editor's chair.


 And last but not least, Pole, in her basket with a soft toy.

Animals don't need very much, certainly not as much as we need (or want?). A box, a towel, an old rattan trunk (!), can all be heavenly for them.

Live simply, so that others may simply live - is what we humans need to learn...from the animals!

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azura said...

Beautifully encapsulated the last two lines and indeed it is very meaningful. Animals do not need bigger house to stay. What they need just little space to live and some space in human's heart to go on living.With compassion towards them, I think every animal may simply and peacefully live. I would like to share this. TQ :)