Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tabs on Tuesday morning

Last night, Tabs asked to be let back into Bunny's Place. I guess there's no place like home. So I let her in. There was absolutely no antagonism from anyone.

mini-PA070161 mini-PA070163

She wanted to use the litter box.

mini-PA070165 mini-PA070167 mini-PA070168 mini-PA070169

She sat on this shelf.


And went up to the penthouse for the night.


This morning I found her sleeping comfortably on her "editor's chair", next to mine, when I came downstairs.

Tabs was interested in food, but after sniffing all kinds of foods (Natural Balance, Monge, Primal, Halo treats, Royal Canin kibbles), she moved away. I think her appetite has not come back yet. So it's back to force-feeding the liquid ID by syringe. The vet taught me how to blend it so that it becomes a paste. I think Tabs is quite sick of the liquid ID too, but she took it obediently. I gave her Vetri DMG, Gentle Digest and liquid B-Complex with Lysine.

This morning, we will take her for her injection.

Can't say she has totally recovered until she gets her appetite back.

Little by little...step by step.


Chen said...

Yay! Home sweet home.

No more scares, please Tabs?

Grace C said...

Tabs, get well soon...

Joyce Wabbit said...

It's great to see Tabs home. Tabs will be well soon. Appetite will come back little by little since Tabs been away for a few days' on an adventure!She's taking time to re-adjusting..Tabs' Mom hopefully can have some needful rest now and not worry so much..Take care and be well both of you Ladies..

jasmine ong said...

I pray all will be well again with Tabs and she'll be her normal self again soon. Welcome home Tabs :)

Do have some rest yourself Sis and keep well.

Maneki Neko said...

KY, I know how stressful it is when one of our beloved furry ones is ill, so I appreciate even more that you've taken the time to share your (and Tabs') experiences with us in the blog, so that we can learn from your journey. Very happy to see Tabs at home again!