Saturday, October 19, 2013

Remembering Mac & Bobby

People often wonder if I'm just a cat-person and if I ever had dogs. Actually, I grew up with dogs all my life (right from the day I was born), and we also had rabbits (the small white ones), ducklings, chicks, adult chickens and geese (all as companion animals).

Why I am now a cat-person is actually a matter of circumstances. Cats just happened to walk into my life and my first encounter with cats was in 2009 with Cow, Bunny and Pole. Before that, I had never touched a cat in my entire life...the opportunity was just not there!

Animals will come look for you...when the time is right. You don't get to choose. The Universe decides who will come into your life and enrich it if you allow things to take its natural path and respond with love and good intentions, which is also a very natural response.

For those new to this blog, Mac & Bobby were our dogs, brought home as companion animals for our children. Mac was a surrendered pet while Bobby came from a family in Sungai Petani. They came into our lives in November 1996. Mac passed on in 2009 at 13 years and Bobby, in 2012, at 16 years.

Here's remembering Mac & Bobby in pictures...

1 scan0022 2 scan0021 3 scan0015 4 scan0003 5 scan0004 6 scan0005 7 scan0007 8 scan0016 9 untitled 10 on bridge 11 mini-sea 12  win

This was quite a "historic" event where Bobby won first place in a "fastest recall" race. In second and third places were these huge dogs.  Bobby came in first (it was a photo-finish but undoubtedly, "that white dog" came in first, the organisers said)! To Bobby, it wasn't a race at all; he just had to be near me, a duty, I believe, now taken over by Indy.

13 with bobby 15 most magnanimous 16 sunday morning 17 mini-me, kitties & Bobby

In 2009, the kittens came...our first litter - Cow, Bunny and Pole.

18 mini-CIMG0459 19 mini-CIMG0470 20mini-right behind you

Then came Tiger.

21mini-Tige & Mac 22 mini-IMG_0416 23 mini-IMG_0421 23 mini-Vixey & Bobby

Wii and Vixey.

24 mini-19 eating together

Indy and Kimba.

25 mini-DSC01313

Creamie & Crackers.

26 mini-Nursing Joanie


27 Bobby and PBJ

Peanut, Butter and Jelly.


28 mini-taking over bobby's chair

With Suki, who'd always "steal" his favourite chair.

mini nurse

Bobby, always the faithful and ever-ready-to-help nurse.


With Teddybear, Xiao Li and Bandit (not in picture).


Those were crazy days of nursing so many rescues. But crazy or not, Bobby would always be there for me.

29 Bobby and Sunnies

With the Sunnies (Rex, Foxy & Honeybear).

Bobby & Blueys

With the Blueys - Baggy and Baloo.

And after all his years of looking after and fostering so many kittens...

30 Bobby and Cow

Bobby & Cow.

31 Bobby and Bunny

Bobby & Bunny

32 Bobby and Cow 2 33 Bobby and Tiger

Bobby & Tiger

34 mini-feeding bobby 35 mini-IMG_1221Your companion animals take you through life's journey with unforgettable memories and they give you abundant opportunities to love and be loved.

I cannot imagine a life without companion animals, can you?


BlackieAsh said...

Hello Dr Chan,how are you and the furkids? hope they are doing's been a while since i last follow your blog. was so busy with work and studies. by the way this post made me shed my tears :( can't imagine my life without these 3 cats: Blackie, Ash and Grey. Have a good weekend

BoBo Salem said...

we miss uncle Bobby dearly. hes such a darling angel

BoBo Salem and catlings
The Meow Meow Family

Mutt said...

Thank you for sharing your family pictures and life journey with Bobby and Mac. : ) The pictures showed what a loving environment you provided for them. My how lucky your children were to grow up with such companions too. Kudos to you and your husband for teaching your kids the simple, yet oh so very deep joy having a furry friend in our life can bring. I love that myanimalcare shares that message with many! Hope that you and your family (furry and human) have a lovely weekend! -Mutt (whose canine companion passed almost 2 months ago and who shares her life with a 7 yr old rescued black cat and a newly found 3 1/2 week old black kitten.)

Yen Ling said...

Lovely, lovely stories :) Tissues needed. Ah, I actually know all of them, including Mac. 101% AGREE, I cannot remember when in my life I was without a pet, either rescued or walk right into my life.

C W Lee said...

Agreed wholeheartedly, a life without our pets is no life at all. Thank you for sharing those lovely fotos Dr Chan. They r priceless

nisa said...

i shed some tears n the sky shed some too.

Teddy&XL said...

Thank you to you and Uncle Bobby for taking so good care of us and giving us so much love when we were small and sick.

Miao, Miao,
Teddy & XL

jasmine ong said...

Thank you for sharing these priceless, lovely, warm memories of your beloved pets through the years with us. I love all your family photos plus all your pets, they are SO loved by you and your family ♡ The one of Tiger cuddling Bobby is just so special. Animals who are loved are loving too.

I wish you a warm, wonderful weekend with your loved ones. Keep well Sis, may you always be blessed.

azura said...

It was wonderful moments and Simply can't hold my tears seeing these photos. Indeed, this is a true eternal love. Dearly missed Bobby and Mac.

Dayana said...

"Animals will come look for you…when the time is right. You don’t get to choose. The Universe decides who will come into your life and enrich it if you allow things to take its natural path and respond with love and good intentions, which is also a very natural response."

I really like this part.

I lost one of my cats on Monday (21 Oct) because she had a miscarriage and lost a lot of blood. I am sad beyond words and what surprises me is that I didn't know that I cared for her this much until I lost her.

She came into my life a few months after my youngest sister passed away. I was never really a cat person (or an animal loving person, really) but my late sister LOVED cats.

So she (the cat) came into my house one day together with her brother and quickly adopted our home. At first they were just hanging out and sometimes after I started giving them food and they never left since then.

I really loved them both because they have their own specific personality and its really special.

Right now I'm just saying to myself that she's now in a better place and I prayed to God to make me and her brother stronger because both of us lost someone really close to us.

I never knew I cared this much until today.

chankahyein said...

Dear Dayana, All animals go to heaven when they are done with their tour on earth because they have pure hearts. Do please take comfort in that.