Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tabs has high fever (suspected bacterial infection due to hairball)

For the past two days, I noticed liquid vomit on the pantry floor. Normally, it comes from Pole as she is quite prone to hairball and 1-2 days on Laxatone would do the trick. So I fed Pole and Cleo Laxatone, but the liquid vomit was still there.

It was only today that I noticed it wasn't Pole or Cleo but Tabs who had been vomiting.  I should have known it was Tabs as the vomit had lemongrass in it. Tabs likes to eat lemongrass.

This morning Tabs did not finish her breakfast and by late afternoon, she did not want to eat her dinner. I also saw her vomit three times today, and it's liquid like bile. She was still very active, though. But with animals, never take chances and never delay. I had already given her Vetri DMG this morning and also fed her Laxatone.

Without further delay, I took Tabs to the vet's.

mini-20131001_162248 mini-20131001_164249

The vet examined her and found "something stuck" in the lower part of her intestines (already on its way out). It is probably hairball and the blockage can lead to a bacterial infection. Tabs' temperature was 40.2 degrees, which was a high fever.


The plan is to fast her for 24 hours to stop the vomiting, start her on antibiotics (Metronidazole) and probiotics Gentle Digest. Tomorrow morning, she can only be given one teaspoon of ID. If she stops vomiting or if the vomiting is reduced, the amount of ID can be increased later. She should also be given a double dose of Laxatone tonight to help ease the passage to get rid of whatever is blocked at her intestines. The consolation is that it's already on its way out.

If Tabs still continues vomiting after 2 days, I would have to take her back for bloodwork.

I hope it's just an uncomplicated case of hairball and hopefully, the medication will take care of the infection and the Laxatone would clear the blockage.

I even bought a new tube of Laxatone and Royal Canin Hairball kibbles this afternoon to give to all the cats. Tiger has also been vomiting hairball. Maybe the two tabbies are stressed, being intimidated by the Cow Family and Madman Indy Jones. I mean, who wouldn't be, right?

mini-20131001_171415Here's Tabs relaxing after coming home from the vet's.

Get well soon, Tabs.

Rosie had hairball a few days ago too, but Laxatone took care of that and the vomiting stopped. I also give them wheatgrass to help (as fibre).

I have heard of a case where a cat died of hairball. The intestines were completely blocked. Scary, isn't it?



claire said...

get well soon Tabs!!!!!

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Claire!

jasmine ong said...

Poor Tabs ... may you get well soon girl!

Maneki Neko said...

This really is scary, because many of us might feel inclined to explain the vomiting away or just wait for it to pass. In the last photo in the post, Tabs looks like the very picture of good health -- not like someone who's running a very high fever. And she's a short-haired cat. I wonder how many long-haired cats perish from hairballs that block their gut. :-(

Thank you for posting and keeping us aware of the hairball issue!

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Take care Tabs! You are too cute!

mei leng said...

As you know that I have 2 rabbits, they are like cat, they groom themselves. Rabbit does not vomit hairball, but normally will come out together with their poo poo. I am not sure whether its applies to cat or not, pineapple or papaya will help to smoothen their hairball and eventually it is easier to come out.

Rabbit died of hairball is very common, so i give my rabbits pineapple juice and a lot of high fiber hay in order to reduce the chances of hairball being stuck in their stomach. So far, it works very well and thank God, my two rabbit already reach 7 years old (which is considered long life already) and they are still healthy. Generally, the life span for a rabbit is between 3 to 5 years.

Chen said...

Tabs will get well soon!

After reading this, I gave my cats a good brushing!

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Mei Leng. Right now, Tabs cannot take anything. She even vomited the Laxatone just now. I hope she will be better tomorrow morning.

mei leng said...

Oh dear, you must be very worried. Hope Tab Tab will be ok tomorrow. Worrying for our sick pet is really no joke :(