Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Poor Tabs...

I gave Tabs the Laxatone last night, as instructed by the vet. Unfortunately, she could not retain it and spent the next half an hour vomiting it out. It breaks one's heart to see this and there is nothing much I could do except to give the Metronidazole 48 hours to do its work.

After the massive vomiting (which resulted in me washing the cushion covers and mats), she just sat and watched me sew the next blanket. I think she could not agree with the Laxatone.

The plan for this morning is to give her one teaspoon of ID. Just one teaspoon and no more, the vet said, as the most important thing is to stop the vomiting. The vet didn't want to give her any anti-vomiting medicine as that has a possibility of leading to more complications for Tabs' case (as serious of a rupture in the intestines, if it goes wrong, so we don't want to take any risks at all).

This is a safer way. Diet control and hopefully, the medicine works and that nasty blockage HAS to come out, somehow.

I gave her a litter box in the downstairs bathroom, but there is no poo yet. Meanwhile, she is separated from all the other cats (she gets the whole house to herself). She did want to nibble on wheatgrass last night. I guess that would be their natural way of getting rid of the blockage.

Tabs had no appetite at all this morning. I force fed that one tiny teaspoon of ID so that I could give her the Metro and Gentle Digest. I didn't dare push my luck with the Laxatone again as it might induce vomiting and all efforts with that one teaspoon of food and medicine would go to waste.

I'm watching her now to see if she can retain that one teaspoon of ID and the medicine. It's been half an hour. So far, so good.

Tabs has lost some weight already...this is one weight loss I don't welcome!


Indy is concerned for his friend.

mini-PA020163 I hope the medicine works.

When your pet falls sick, nothing else matters anymore - you just want to do everything to make her well again. But some things cannot be hurried; it has to be allowed to take its course. Hence, Anne Sewell's "Do your best and leave the rest; 'Twill all come right, some day or night" rings true.


BoBo Salem said...

get well soon Miss Tab!!!

BoBo Salem and catlings

Joyce Wabbit said...

Get well soon Miss Tabs and poo poo soon ok.. Sending positives and healing energies to Miss Tabs and Tabs' Mom ...
From all of us at Wabbits Inc.

Azura said...

Dear Tabs, get well soon sayang. It does break one's heart to see his pet unwell...I pray that Tabs will get better.

Yen Ling said...

Get well soon, Tabs!

Yes, I agree. When our pet is ill, nothing else matters but getting them to be well again. Hang in there ladies!

Su said...

I've also read somewhere that giving cats some virgin coconut oil can help them eliminate hairball. Praying for a quick recovery!

jasmine ong said...

Get well soon Tabs girl ... sending positive energy for your healing.

Sis Kah Yein, take care of your health too.

chankahyein said...

Thank you for all your kind wishes for Tabs. Am hoping the medicine will work (the vet said to give it 48 hours). Meanwhile, Tabs is still reasonably active and watching me sew the next blanket.

Amber said...

Dear dr. Chan,
I uses virgin coconut oil for my cats too, it works mirable, it helps them in passing motion too.
Hopefully Tabs will be okay soon. Positive energy to tabs!

chankahyein said...

Hi Amber and Su, How much of it do you give? Do you mix it into the food?

Su said...

Start small with the VCO (virgin coconut oil, cold pressed recommended). Start with about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon per 5kg body weight daily, gradually increase to 1 teaspoon. But I've seen people just leave a bowl of hardened VCO for their cats to graze on throughout the day.
Can mix with food or hardened in the fridge as a treat. Some cats like the taste and wud lick it off the spoon.
Some say that when given regularly, it helps prevent hairball problems and make their coat soft & shiny. My 2 senior cats didn't like the taste when I tried giving them before.

Su said...

Forgot to mention that you shud probably ask your vet's advise first before giving Tabs the oil, you know just to be safe.

chankahyein said...

I gave Tabs 1ml just now, by syringe. I did ask my vet after that and she said to hang on until tomorrow as she does not want anything to trigger the vomiting again. She says as long as Tabs does not vomit (or the vomiting decreases), it should be a sign of healing. Still, it's worrying as her appetite is still not back. Thanks very much for sharing.

Amber said...

I feed my cats with VCO everyday(less than 1/2 teaspoon), mix it with their dinner as natural supplement on their diet.It suppose to help with their hair, digestion, metabolism and it claim to have the ability to maintain a healthy weight(so far, none of my cats are overweight-6 of them-)

If i notice one of them coughing up hairball, i give them extra amount 1 teaspoon or just rub the oil onto their hand, they will lick it up clean. It work like a charm, few hours later, running around like a maniac again.

Virgin Coconut oil are good for human too !