Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tabs eats!!


Tabs' temperature was as normal as normal can be yesterday and the vet is very pleased with it.

He says she can eat her normal food again.

So, for Tabs' case, it is yet another Indy-mystery - we cannot conclude accurately what was wrong with her except that the infection was so severe that if I hadn't brought her to this vet, it would have been a total disaster. It was vet no. 4 who saved her life.

It REALLY pays to seek a second (third? fourth?) opinion in ambiguous cases. Vet no. 6 (who was overseas at the time) concurred with vet no. 4 just by looking at the X-Ray image which I had emailed and reading my description of Tabs' condition, he said, "Not hairball, check the pancreas."

Just imagine what would have happened if I had merely continued with the Laxatone and liquid paraffin and waited....oh my gosh, that itself gives me the chills now. Or, if she had gone in for surgery of the intestines only to find there was no hairball!

In any case, I am so glad that that nightmare is now over....

Even now, the vet says he cannot pinpoint exactly what was wrong with Tabs. Maybe the Marbocyl saved her life, or maybe the Clavomox needed time to act. Even in this, we are not sure, but the bottom line is, Tabs is better now and that's all that counts. I personally truly appreciate a vet who is honest and tells it as it is. I know too, that many, many illnesses cannot be correctly diagnosed as....well, viruses and bacteria rule the earth, don't they? And they mutate so fast, we cannot, even with our so-called superior human brain and research techniques, keep up with the pace at which they mutate and continue to rule us. So the best we can do is to work with whatever we have, however best we can.

Tabs had a surprise visitor late last night.


My daughter, Ming-Yi, came back from Kunak, Sabah, on leave.

First, there was the Sulu incursion which worried us sick, and just a few days ago, there was a mini tornado where roofs went flying in Kunak.

I do wonder why the government wants to send pharmacists from the peninsular to Sabah/Sarawak and those from Sabah/Sarawak to the peninsular. Her friends from Sabah/Sarawak are serving in the peninsular and hoping to go home, and vice versa, but transfers have not been approved, even with compassionate reasons.

I can only hope the sultan of Sulu and his daughter won't attempt to invade our country again. Humans' greed, hatred and delusion leading to a loss of life is so, so unnecessary and foolish because what goes around, comes around. Only the very foolish don't realise this. Nothing justifies killing.


Animals are definitely wiser in this area!

Cow began making lots of noise at the grille about half an hour before Ming-Yi arrived. Now tell me....he knew?

They share a special bond.

mini-PA090175 mini-PA090176 mini-PA090177 mini-PA090178 mini-PA090179

Ming-Yi says Bunny is significantly lighter.

The Nutri+Gen Chitosan had been incredibly effective on Bunny and Tiger, but only Bunny and Tiger!

Why it doesn't work on Timmy, I don't know! Cow is on it now so we shall see if it works. Bunny and Tiger has been taken off it as the speed at which it worked was frighteningly fast.

As with all nutritional supplements, some work and some don't, on specific individuals.


Tabs is back to her old tricks.

mini-PA090184 mini-PA100187

This morning, she ate with everyone.

She did not finish the entire bowl, but it's a good start.

mini-PA100188 mini-PA100189 mini-PA090164

Last night, Tabs came out to help me with the new blanket.


The purple Hello Kitty blanket doesn't seem to be generating much interest at the auction. Definitely not as much as the Mickey Mouse!

I figured it's either (a) because I sewed it, and not my mum, (b) Hello Kitty isn't as popular as Mickey Mouse, (c) a few friends suggested the bidders are waiting for closing time.

Well, we shall's just a few more hours away.

Meanwhile, since we already bought this pink Hello Kitty cloth, I might as well just sew it and maybe we can put it up for Chinese New Year since it's red and pink!

The vibrant Tabs-Mickey blanket is actually done (the one I sewed at the hospital while nursing Tabs) and it's very, very vibrant, like what you would see on the murals in kindergartens!! I remember a reader told me she was waiting for a colourful blanket for her dogs. Maybe she would like this Tabs-Mickey blanket...


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Cleo marah ke tu??

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C W Lee said...

Guess the Hello kitty purple blanket is slightly sombre n less cheerful looking compared with those previous pieces but definitely NOT bcos you sewn it. So good to see little Tabs is okay again. My daughter also a pharmacist currently working in S'pore said there is a big demand for this post n remunerations are equally attractive. Maybe your daughter can consider there too instead of East M'sia ( we have a biased government sigh! )