Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tabs' midnight and breakfast snacks!

Tabs still did not feel like eating on her own all day, so I continued force-feeding her the ID every 4 hours. The one small improvement is that she was willing to eat the grainy ID so I did not have to blend it with water anymore.

At 10pm, I fed her one more round before bedtime. I had bought her out into the living room, but she scuttled upstairs to our bedroom and who should follow her?


Yes, Vincent accompanied Tabs upstairs and stayed on the bed with her.

You've got to give it to Tabbies United here....Tiger runs his union very well. They are truly united.

By the way, Mr Zurik has been behaving quite well these days too.

However, at 1.50am (yes, that late), Bunny called for a midnight snack. He was very hungry.

As usual, when Bunny insists too much, you'd worry if he was really hungry, so you give in....just a bit.

So I gave them a few kibbles each, but...


...Tabs wanted some too!

And yes, she ate a few kibbles on her own!



Royal Canin kibbles - yum, yum.

mini-PA090165 mini-PA090166

It was probably just a few kibbles, but it's a good start!


On her editor's chair for the night.


This morning, Tabs licked a bit of the usual breakfast of Monge and Primal.


She didn't want it much, so I offered Natural Balance. She ate a small chunk of that.



And ate one piece of Halo treat too!

Yes, I offered everything I had in the house!


Royal Canin?



 I'm Rabbity Tabs...I want my wheatgrass.

She ate two blades today.

I think her appetite is coming back...slowly but surely.


Meanwhile, the Patio Family was having breakfast too.

Mr G is very good these days. His owner told me that she noticed Mr G had put on a lot of weight, so I figured that for his own good, I should not feed him anymore. He has food from home and he only comes over to hang out with the Patio Family. So I stopped feeding him a few weeks back. Obesity kills, I remember. So, we just have to forgo our Malaysian courtesies (of feeding people and animals whenever they visit) and find out first, if they want to eat or if they need the food. He is totally okay about not eating too. He just sits and watch the rest eat. This means he was never hungry in the first place.


I don't know if the Chitosan is working on Timmy....I must get a weighing scale. The cats destroyed the last one in the old house.


This is Tabs' food and medicine tray. We have ID, Natural Balance, B-Complex with Lysine, Transfer Factor, Gentle Digest and Vetri DMG.

Luckily for me, Tabs is very obedient so feeding her everything is not difficult.

mini-PA090177 mini-PA090178

Grooming after her breakfast.


At the penthouse!

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