Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Here's...the Mickey Blanket (Blanket No. 5) - up for auction!

Here it is, folks! Our Blanket No. 5 is dedicated to Mickey & Minnie fans!

Special announcement: The comments moderation has been disabled. This means your comment (your bid!) will be published automatically and immediately in the comments section without going through moderation. Happy bidding! Please check the comments section before making your bid as I may be a little slow in updating here. 

The bids as they come in:

2nd October, at 1.57pm, Donald Duck bids RM2000.

2nd October, at 1.51pm, Pluto & Gang bid RM1390. 

2nd October, at 12.39pm, PC Leong bids RM1388.

1st October, at 4.20opm, CB Ong bids RM1288.

1st October, at 12.23pm, Donald Duck bids RM1188. 

1st October, at 12.00pm, Pluto & Gang bid RM1000. 

1st October, at 11.43am, CB Ong bids RM888.

1st October, at 9.29am, Caramel Puppy bids RM801.

1st October, at 8.37am, CB Ong bids RM800.

1st October, at 12.11am, Pluto & Gang bid RM700. 

30th September, at 11.43pm, Wine Dogs bid RM600.

30th September, at 8.00pm, Caramel Puppy bids RM500. 

30th September, at 7.55pm, Wine Dogs bid RM400.

30th September, at 7.41pm, Pluto & Gang bid RM300.

The same auction rules apply:

1. To place a bid, please use the comments section only. All comments will be published in chronological order.
2. Please check the latest bid (in the comments section) before making yours.
3. The auction ends at 2pm on Wednesday, 2nd October 2013.

The winning bid will be donated entirely to the AnimalCare Fund to help the street animals.

Do we hear RM100?


6 ft by 4 ft.

mini-P9300162 mini-P9300163 mini-P9300164

The back is full of Mickey & Minnie Mouse too.


Let the bidding begin!!


Will this Mickey Blanket be yours?


This Mickey Blanket is sewn by my mum. She is 80 years old and is delighted to contribute her needlework skills to do her part for the animals.


Pluto & gang said...

Wah!!! RM300 please!!

Wine Dogs TB,EE,TT and CC said...

Very cute! Rm400 pls

Caramel Puppy said...

RM500 please

Mei Jenny said...

oh my, this is too beautiful, how can i resist, but i have my strategy to bid, hehe...

Wine Dogs TB,EE,TT and CC said...

Blue, Mickey, Minnie.....so irresistible. gah, stop me! RM600 pls....

Pluto & gang said...

Woof! RM700 pls...sorry Wine Dogs TB, EE, TT and CC.

Chen said...

Dog fight, dog fight! Now which pack of dogs is going to get to sleep with Mickey & Minnie? Suspense!

cb ong said...

Irresistible . . RM800 pls

Caramel Puppy said...

Sneaking in for RM801

Joy E. Saga said...

Such fine details! Kudos to your mom! She must have used more than required cloth to ensure that the mickey pictures fit nicely in the middle of each patch. I bow humbly at the SIFU!

cb ong said...

Sneaking in too @888

Pluto & gang said...

RM1000 Woof! Woof!

Donald Duck said...

Uh-Oh RM1188 Quack Quack

cb ong said...

3rd time lucky? RM1288

Wine Dogs TB,EE,TT and CC said...

Wow so many bids. No need for dog fight... Though Pluto and gang seem very keen, maybe cos namesake Disney blankie, and as Mickey's puppy, he sure wants it! Wish everyone the best to win this fine item esp since its obviously needed more time and accuracy to position each M+M character in the centre of the patches . Woofs!

pcleong said...

Tis one is gonna hurt CB. Cos it is below the belt n coming with less than an hour n half to go

Grandpa wanna get tis irresistible blankie as a bday gift for Nicole Leong Mei Qi who turns 2 today

Hoping 1388 is good enough to secure tis lovely piece of art done with lots of TLC

chankahyein said...

Hi PC, It ends at 2pm....there is still time to bid!

Pluto & gang said...

Woofie!! RM1390 please

Donald Duck said...

RM2000 please