Sunday, October 13, 2013

Teddy Blanket (No. 7) up for auction!!

Here's the very first blanket I hand-stitched - the Teddy Blanket (No. 7)!!

We are only putting it up for one night for the auction.

Rules of the auction:

1. Please check the latest comment for the latest bid before putting in yours.

2. All bids are placed as comments on this blogpost. All comments will be published instantly in chronological order. 

3. The auction ends at 2pm, on Monday, 14th October 2013. 

May the highest bidder win!
100% of the winning bid will be channeled to our Fund for the animals.

Since the trend is to bid at the last minute (!), we are starting it at RM150.

Do we hear RM150?

The bids as they come in:

14th October 2013:
1.56pm, Chucky & Blackie - RM850
1.55pm, i-am-teddybear - RM800
1.35pm, Chucky & Blackie - RM650.

13th October 2013:
8.01pm, Wine Dogs - RM400.
5.00pm, Liew Wy - RM300.


The front.


A close-up.


The back is a big piece of Teddy Bear cloth with an orange frame.

The blanket is 3-layered. There is a white piece of cloth in between the front and the back. All cotton material.


The front is totally hand-stitched.


That's the completed front patchwork, all by hand.

blanket making

The top-sew, the back and the frame are done by my mum. It requires hand-tacking followed by machine work.

It's all for the animals, folks! We work hard for the funds!

Anyone interested in a Teddy Bear blanket?

Happy bidding!


Liew Wy said...

I bid RM300

chankahyein said...

Thank you!

Wine Dogs TB,EE,TT and CC said...

RM400 pls!

Chen said...

This is a 3-layer cotton handmade blanket! The cost of cloth for this blanket itself costs about more than RM150 (based on personal wild guess). Plus hours of hands-on work.

Why did your mom add the extra cloth in between, Kah Yein? Am curious.

chankahyein said...

Oh, even the Purple Hello Kitty (Blanket No. 6) is 3-layered. We decided to add another piece of cloth in between because the Hello Kitty and Teddy Bear cloth are both rather thin. We don't really know the cost of each piece as some of the cloth are newly bought while some are from way back (the thicker cotton, which is difficult to find now or is very pricey!). In any case, mum and I are donating the cloth and workmanship, so the entire sum of the winning bid goes 100% to the Fund!

Chen said...

I think many people are busy travelling or having a holiday somewhere!

chankahyein said...

Oh, I forgot about the public holiday. But it's okay. Two bidders is already a bonus for us! Have zero expectations, then everything is a bonus!

Wine Dogs TB,EE,TT and CC said...

Oops, KY do u want to extend the auction time to after Malaysian PH is over. Wouldn't want to win just be default cos people are busy.
Woof woof!

Wine Dogs TB,EE,TT and CC said...

I mean, by default. :)

chankahyein said...

I think no need 'coz anything we get is already a huge bonus! Thank you very much for being so thoughtful and considerate! Bless you!!

Chucky & Blackie said...

Woof woof RM650

Wine Dogs TB,EE,TT and CC said...

Heeheehee...maybe 2nd blankie on the way then to greedy Dogs then? *wink*
.....come on fellow bidders! Join in the fun!

Orange teddy bear is bright and chirpy color, multi-gender and multi-animal suited!

Wine Dogs TB,EE,TT and CC said...

Wow Chucky & Blackie.....u upped the bid so much just as we were wagging our tails! Thanks!

i-m-teddybear said...

RM800 for me please....

Chucky & Blackie said...

RM850 woof,woof,woof

chankahyein said...

1 min to go!!

chankahyein said...

Ding!!! Congratulations, Chucky & Blackie! Thank you everyone for joining in the fun!

Chucky & Blackie said...

Have bank-in RM850.00
Thanks Dr & your Mom for all your hard work & precious time.
God bless you & family.

chankahyein said...

Hi Chucky & Blackie! Thank you very much. Please email your postal address and Teddy Blankie will be on its way to you!!

Chen said...

Hi Kah Yein,

Maybe next round you can change the deadline time? There are many who cannot be online at around 2pm even though its suppose to be lunch time. What about 10pm for those who are free to bid only at night? It depends on when you are available to monitor the last minute bids of course.

chankahyein said...

Oh, really? I chose 2pm because there are also those who rely on their workplace computers only (and don't have computers at home). I thought 2pm is right after lunch break, so everyone ought to be back at work.... If it's at 10pm, those without home computers won't have access. And some people may sleep early too?

Chen said...

I'm thinking that if you change the deadline time, you may catch another group of potential bidders who normally work through lunch. Also many people leave the office for lunch and may not be back on time for the 2pm deadline. Many parents are also busy driving around this time fetching their kids from school. So if you set another deadline at night, then it's possible that it opens up a different group of bidders? Maybe alternate bidding deadline times?

Wine Dogs TB, EE,TT and CC said...

Congrats Woofs to u! Wow, all really Malaysian last min style!

chankahyein said...

How about 3pm then? Because if it is 10pm, those who depend on their workplace computers will miss out too.

Wine Dogs TB, EE,TT and CC said...

Yup, different situations for diff groups. Ironically 'we' can't access certain Internet websites at office, and 2pm is out of question for monitoring usually late nite is best for us. it's only today....took day off/didn't go to work :) hehe

chankahyein said...

Then I suppose 10pm would be best if workplaces block certain internet sites.