Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tabs goes back to Bunny's Place

Tabs is VERY tired of living alone in the house, so she sits by the grille and keeps asking to be let back into Bunny's Place.

It's strange how previously, she was always dying to get out (making her daily escapades the moment anyone enters the room, even devising a crafty way of waiting from afar and dashing out the moment we open the grille so that we don't suspect she is trying to make an escape!), now she wants to get in!

The grass is always greener on "the other side", I suppose. And one doesn't quite appreciate what one has until one leaves it...then longs to get back to it!


I'm bored!!

mini-PA150164 mini-PA150165

Tabs has two shaven areas - under the neck (for the jugular blood taking) and on the leg (for the drip). It will take time for her medium-length hair to grow back.


She seems much, much better today. The sneezing is down to a bare minimum and she is active again.

Today is Day 4 of the Vibravet. The vet did say it would take 3-4 days to see results. Tabs has to finish the whole course of 2 weeks. Then, I shall have to fortify her with probiotics, which I am already doing now (using Nutri+Gen), but I give it many hours after administering the antibiotics.


Meanwhile, Cow started sneezing yesterday and I quickly gave him Vetri DMG. I haven't heard him sneeze since then (fingers crossed). By the way, did you know that Vetri DMG is an all-natural product? No wonder it is so effective.




This morning, I gave the Petalive Immunity and Liver Support to Cow, Bunny and Tiger.

Bunny looks "fat" here because he is doing the gopher pose!


Everyone else gets Vetri DMG.

mini-PA150174 mini-PA150176

The mother-and-daughter, also the fiercest of the brood.

Pole, a model local cat, in terms of size and shape.
This little lady is all muscle, so don't mess with her. She is definitely stronger than me.


I'm just letting Tabs in for awhile and will monitor her condition. As long as she stays away from the rest, it ought to be alright. If I don't, she will still sit right outside the grille and the rest will go to the grille to see her, which is closer proximity.

The vet says her flu only spreads through the air and not through food or water.


Flu or no flu, and whatever the weather, Indy keeps watch for intruders.

He is the alpha.

Indy rules!!

(Indy is also all-muscle.)


Chen said...

"Bunny looks “fat” here because he is doing the gopher pose!" ... ahem ...

The only reliable convincing proof is the weighing machine. You may not even need to buy one if you have 2 family members working in the airline industry. Don't they have one of those luggage weighing hooks? See if you can get one from them. Put your cat in a basket and hook it up to the weighing hook. I believe some of them can weigh up to 40kg.

Chen said...

Although 40kg capacity is not required, of course :D

chankahyein said...

LOL! Actually between being sickly and fat, I think being fat is the lesser of the two evils. So I'm taking it slow and steady now. But then again, with the Chitosan, I did not even give Bunny & Tiger the full dose, yet, it worked too fast. I consulted the vet. She agreed it could be due to them being FIV+ so she said to be careful.

kelly said...

Tab have such a "sweetie pie" face ... really really really sweet.