Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tabs eats on her own!!

I was just about to update on Tabs, to say she spent the whole day sleeping and does not seem to want any food when I thought I'd try and voila...she ate on her own!

Here's what happened all day....


She wanted to sleep upstairs, so I turned on the fan on slow speed (only for ventilation) and gave her a towel.


But by evening, she came down to help me with the next blanket.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, two readers, Su & Amber, suggested using Virgin Coconut Oil. I remember reading about it too, so I thought it would be no harm trying. So I gave Tabs from my old bottle first. Everyone inside and outside had some too.

After that, I called the vet to let her know Tabs' condition. I managed to feed her her medicines and the teaspoon of ID this morning, but she still had no appetite at all. The ID was force-fed. There was only one incidence of vomiting today and that happened about 5-6 hours after breakfast. Just a bit of whitish bile-like liquid.

The vet said to monitor Tabs until tomorrow, at around 4pm. If she still has no appetite, then we have to bring her in for X-Ray or further palpitation and check. After all, the Metronidazole needs 48 hours to work. There has been no urination or defecation too, but then again, she hasn't been eating.

mini-PA020172 (2)

I went off to purchase another bottle of VCO.

At one of the shops, I met another vet and he suggested to give Tabs a baby enema to just flush out whatever that is blocking the intestinal tract. I asked my vet, but she thinks that could be a little harsh for now. Maybe Lactulose is a better option. In any case, I asked about the VCO and my vet said to wait until tomorrow (I had already given and Tabs took it quite well). I only gave 1ml (with a syringe).

Tabs spent all day sleeping and just watching me sew the blanket.

Then, just now, at about 10pm, I thought I'd try and see if she wanted some ID. I noticed that she didn't like the ID at all, so since I had bought Royal Canin Hairball, I put a spoonful into a bowl and offered it to her.

Tabs wasn't interested at first, but she started sniffing at it and...

mini-PA020162 (2)

Oh my goodness!! Tabs is eating on her own!!

mini-PA020164 (2)

All her friends, led by Indy Jones, came to the grille to watch.

I think everyone is concerned too.

mini-PA020168 (2)


mini-PA020170 (2)

She did not finish all, but never mind....slowly does it.

I'm so relieved! I gave her another 1ml of the VCO.

It's after half an hour vomiting of anything.

Thank you, Amber & Su, and thank you, everyone, for all your kind wishes and prayers for Tabs.

Tabs says: Thank you for rooting for me!!

On another note, this may be totally unrelated, but just a few days ago, Timmy turned aggressive towards Tabs and the poor girl was so frightened. I wonder if this lowered her immunity. She was breathing heavily after the aggression by Timmy. And just now, Timmy turned on Ginger and wanted to pick a fight with the poor boy.

Today, I kept all the patio cats out of the house as Tabs was inside. Better play it safe as we didn't know what bacterial infection Tabs had that had caused the fever.

If indeed it is hairball as the vet had suspected...oh my gosh, hairball can be so nasty. I read that in certain cases, surgical removal of the hairball may be necessary to save a cat's life. I'm going to furminate Tabs every day now. And everyone is going to get Virgin Coconut Oil too!


Amber said...

Glad that Tabs eating again !

meileng said...

first photo of tab eating is a nice one, even mickey mouse also happy to know tab was eating :)

melle said...

Get well, Tabs!

Yes, hairballs are not to be taken lightly. I give my cats steamed pumpkin or sweet potato and 1-2 times a week fish oil. I find that has help a great deal in eliminating hairball.

Su said...

I'm so glad to see Tabs eating - a sign of recovery I pray!