Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Poor "hungry" (greedy?) Timmy!


It was breakfast as usual at the patio this morning.

"As usual" means Timmy eats in the cage while Mr G looks on.

Mr G gets his breakfast from home, then comes over to hang out with everyone.


Timmy finishes his meal in 15 seconds flat.


Daffodil takes 15 minutes.

So, Timmy has to wait in the cage.

If he is let out, no one (except Heidi) stands a chance with him. He snatches from everyone...except Heidi.

Heidi is the only one who whacks him in the face.


So Timmy gets let out only when almost everyone has finished and there are only bits left in the bowls.


And Timmy "helps" by polishing up all the bowls clean.


You didn't leave any for me?

What kind of a comrade are you, anyway??


Hmmmph!! Some friend you are!


Timmy is still on the Chitosan and it looks like (as with all "slimming products"), the effect has reached a plateau...or not?


I'm hungry...

Timmy makes a beeline into the kitchen with the hope of finding more food...


But has to settle for....grass instead.


Chomp, chomp, chomp...!!


I'm underfed, I'm malnourished, I'm hungry!!

I have to eat grass!! Yes, like a goat. Even goats have more grass to eat than me!

It isn't fair!!

Is there some place I can lodge a complaint?!!


Food? Did anyone say "food"?


He checks out the sink for empty cans.

Any scraps in the cans??

This is all photo evidence on how poorly fed I am, you know....


Dinner is at 3.30pm, Timmy.

Good boy!!


Chen said...

Timmy Dishwasher is trying to find a true purpose in his life. He does not want to just eat and sleep (like some cats that he would not mention). "I want to live a life that is useful to my mommy whom I love," said Timmy Dishwasher. Therefore, he decided to use his nifty tongue to clean up the dishes like the way he grooms himself. He was very disappointed that he could not help with the dishes at the sink this morning.

Syeeleo said...

O Timmy are sooo cute, just like a friesian cow. It s a compliment, u know!! Don't worry, Timmy, this aunty is on a diet too.....and has been for yearssss!!

mas said...

hei timmy gemok..:)

Freyia said...

Actually Timmy looked a bit slimmer compared to previous pictures

chankahyein said...

Timmy says: YAY!!!! (Does that mean I can ask for more food now?)