Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh no....again? (it's still the snake year)

Today, when the driver delivered the Caliber dogfood (for Lester) to my house, he noticed a snake lying right there in the middle of my garden.

He told me, "ular".

I said, "Bukanlah...tali sahaja."

"Bukan, ular", he said.

It looked like a white rope shimmering in the sunshine, something I thought the cats had brought in.

But he was right, it was a snake alright, but it was dead.

I was worried about the patio cats. Only Heidi, Rosie and Timmy were around. The rest were missing.

Anyway, the kind driver picked up the snake with the garden broom and threw it into the drain outside.

Luckily Ming-Yi isn't afraid so she managed to locate the snake in the drain to examine the markings. It was brown with a yellow collar. It is probably from the same family as the previous ones - the wolf snake (or house snake), which is supposedly non-venomous.

Still I was worried for the cats.

Soon, Vincent and Daffodil came back, unharmed.

Ginger was still missing.

We called the security guard and he came by, picked up the snake with his bare hands (oh my gosh!) and said he would take it down to the big monsoon drain to discard it.

My guess is either Timmy killed it (he is the only hunter) or they brought it back from somewhere. It was lying right in the middle of my garden and I thought it was a piece of rope.

By 3pm, I decided to feed everyone dinner but Ginger was still not around.

So I called for him, and thankfully, he turned up on the ledge and walked back.

Phew! All the patio cats are safe.

mini-PA100160 mini-PA100161

I make sure there is enough water in their food.


A special treat for Ginger.


Mummy's boy.

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Nicole kuang said...

be careful.

Python and other snakes was seen by neighbor around my housing garden.

1 of my cat was dead because of attack by a Python.