Friday, October 4, 2013

Tabs and her hiding places

After coming back from the vet's yesterday, Tabs ate on her own. But after that, she must have felt quite uncomfortable as the subcut fluids (fluids under the skin) had caused several bulges at the areas where the skin is loose. This is quite common, I checked.


All afternoon, she hid under the bed and refused food.


We let Tiger out to accompany her.


But she felt better being alone.

Tiger wanted to help, though.

Then, last night, she came downstairs and sat on top of the book cabinet. I decided to sleep downstairs to accompany her. At about midnight, when I woke up to check, Tabs was totally gone. I checked the whole house three rounds and could not find her anywhere. So I raised the alarm and woke my husband up. I really thought Tabs had somehow escaped through the netting.

To my relief, Tabs was hiding between the chair and dining table. Phew...cats can really hide and not come out when they are ill.

So to play it safe, we put her back in Bunny's Place. Can't have another scare like that again. I even went out of the house to look for her last night.


This morning, she refused food again. This is despite the B-complex, which is to stimulate appetite. So I had to force-feed her again. Managed to give her all the medicines and she ate the food when force-fed. I added sweet potato and VCO to her food.


 This is her hiding place now, on the shelf behind the clothes.

At least we know where she is.

I know we have to wait it out as we've done everything that the vet has advised. She just has to pass out all the dratted stuff from her gut to feel better again. At least she is able to retain the small amounts of food and there is no vomiting.

She is taking Metronidazole (antibiotics), Gentle Digest (probiotics), B-Complex, Laxatone and liquid paraffin (both to stimulate defecation). She has been urinating but not defecating yet. The vet said it may take up to 2 weeks to clear off all the stuff from the intestines.


Syafiq said...

Get well soon Tabs...

nisa said...

Get well soon Tabs! miss ur cheerful face!

Joy E. Saga said...

Bin uses Pumpkin for her constipated cats. She boils some and mix into the wet food. U can try that.

Agnes said...

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM, gave this advice:

WARM IT UP, AND ADD FLAVOR. Dogs and sick cats often have a poorer sense of smell. I have had good luck getting them to eat by warming up the canned food, then making it a little more tasty by adding garlic powder, or beef or chicken oxo cubes.

CATNIP. Appetite stimulant. In these cases you are just trying to get your dog or cat to start eating, regardless of the underlying cause. For cats, I have had luck using a the catnip herb – I have given it as a tincture to anorexic cats and had them eating soon.

CHAMOMILE OR PEPPERMINT. There are anti-vomiting herbs which can be given as a tea – at the very least this can re-hydrate your dog or cat. You can make a herbal tea of either herb – give 1 tablespoon per 10 lbs every 4-6 hours.

ALFALFA. For general anorexia not linked to any underlying cause, look at homeopathic alfalfa – you can give one 30C tab per 20 lbs 4 times daily.


Azura said...

Dear Tabs, get well soon dear. I can't help feeling worry for u. Always pray for your speedy recovery and good health Tabs deary.

Melle said...

Get well soon, Lady Tabitha Jane. Sending waves of light and love.

Joyce Wabbit said...

Tabs baby dear praying for your speedy recovery. We all are rooting for you and sending healing vibes to you dearie.


For my brood when constipated I usually give them liquid Lysine and warm up wet food with broth (which usually causes soft poo at other times)no dry food - [only if it does not induce vomiting though]. Yes, through experience it usually takes more than 48 hours for any medication to work. Take care.

Chen said...

Poo, poo, poo baby Tabs! POO!

Maybe we should make loud collective poo sounds and mentally send it to her?

jasmine ong said...

Chen, you are so cute! If it makes her poo, why not? :)

Tabs sweetheart, do get well soon ... sending you positive vibes and loving thoughts.

Su said...

Dear Agnes, chamomile and peppermint might not be safe for cats.

Wong Yoke Mei said...

My Babygirl went on a constipation episode earlier this year. I had to force feed her every 3-4 hours. I also force Laxatone on her 3 times a days. One vet put her on Lactulose, but i think Lactulose makes it worse. So she had to go in for enema. The Dr gave her 2 tubes and she flushed out everything. From then on, i make sure her food has lots of fluid and i monitor her poo schedule. If she happens to skip 1 time, i would be very alert of her pooing for the next day. And if still nothing comes out, then i start on Laxatone again. Hope Tabs give you glorious poo tomorrow morning....

Freyia said...

Pray that Tabs will get well soon. Hang in there girl!